Digital Nomad Jobs: Get work, get nomading. Part 3.

Digital Nomad Jobs – Get work, get nomading. Part 3. You can find part 1 here and part 2 here. You can also read this article for a few more ideas. That’s over 50 (51 in fact!) places for you to start hunting your dream digital nomad job. As the distance between part 1 and 2 was fairly epic I figured it was only fair to do the opposite for part 3. So here you go, just like a bus … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs: Photograph the world, develop some money*.

*For anyone born after 1999 that’s an incredibly on point joke about photography. Digital Nomad Jobs – Photographer. How? Pretty much everyone almost everywhere in the world is taking pictures these days. From selfies (acceptable only when drunk) to pictures of their food (never acceptable unless it’s literally the best food ever created, not just a cheeseburger) to that weird one where it’s just your legs in the frame by the sea (I’m almost 100% sure not acceptable but it … Continue reading