Digital Nomad Jobs: Get work, get Nomading. Part 5.

Digital Nomad Jobs – Get work, get nomading. Part 4. Guess who’s back again with another list of freelancing websites where you will hopefully find the job of your dreams. Or a job you can tolerate. Or at least a job that you don’t hate. Basically a job. I hope this helps you find a job. Now, you probably should have read parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 by now. If you haven’t you should do that first and then … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – More Nomad News from Nowhere. Issue 5.

Hello, so sorry it’s a day late, I offer you my most sincere apologies! I’m afraid I’ve been having too much of a good time lately! I’m currently preparing to move cities, keeping a watchful eye over a small baby pigeon that calls my balcony home and enjoying the Knights Templar Festival here in Tomar. It’s been a pretty fun week to be honest. Later on I’m off out for some medieval style drinks with friends. It’s a happy Saturday! … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – More Nomad News from Nowhere. Issue 4.

Welcome once again to another incredibly magnificent issue of More Nomad News from Nowhere. Your weekly dose of everything vaguely interesting and relevant to the digital nomad way of life! You want to know 10 affordable cities to live in? This article by fast company is for you. There are no guaranteed tips to ensure you forge a successful career as a digital nomad but… Wait, what? There are? Oh, OK. Well like the man in the orthopaedic shoes I stand corrected. … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – More Nomad News from Nowhere. Issue 3.

Welcome to another edition of Nomad News from Nowhere. It’s a day late. Sorry for that, I had a busy Thursday night sampling some of the finer evening establishments here in Tomar. You should 100% visit if you get the chance. Anyway, enough of that. On with this weeks round-up. Do you like free e-books? Do you like free e-books about digital nomading? If you’ve answered yes top either of these questions click the link and get your, you’ve guessed … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs: Get work, get nomading. Part 4.

Digital Nomad Jobs – Get work, get nomading. Part 4. You can find part 1 here and part 2 here and part 3 here You can also read this article for a few more ideas. That’s over 73 (74 in fact!) places for you to start hunting your dream digital nomad job. Welcome to part 4 of my never-ending quest to find you the finest freelance job websites ever*! *Although, I have done quite a few of them now, we may come … Continue reading

Time to make a change? Launch your freelance career today!

As one part of the world faces up to another 5 years of absolute misery and another part has another 3 and half years to go you would be forgiven for being a little glum. You’d even be forgiven for thinking ‘what’s the point?’, I get it, I really do. The prospects are quite grim. So in that case you might as well make the most of it whilst you still can! Free yourself from the shackles of dystopian governments … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Essential Kit: Appsolutely fabulous. The best apps for all digital nomads. Part 2.

Digital Nomad Essential Kit – Appsolutely fabulous. Part 2. Here we go with another 25 apps all discerning Digital Nomads should be clued up on. That brings your total so far up to the magic five-o, that’s 50(!) of the finest bits of digital kit designed to make your life easier, happier and just better in general. Duolingo – ‘Hallo. Wie heißt du? Ich heiße Tom.’ If you are now sat wondering what on earth I am talking about you … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs: Get work, get nomading. Part 2.

Digital Nomad Jobs – Get work, get nomading. Part 2. Every week it seems that more and more new remote work job sites are popping up. Who has the time to trawl through them all trying to find ones that are worth your time and effort? Me, that’s who. Me for you. I’ve already had one go at it and now I’ve decided to give you an early Summer treat! Part 2! Below you will find a list of some of the … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs: You say, they pay.

Digital Nomad Jobs – Affiliate Marketer* Tomster’s dictionary defines ‘affiliate marketing’ as ”not being able to come up with your own idea but still wanting to make money by hawking other peoples products.” (Just a joke, I actually quite like the concept of affiliate marketing when done fairly.) *Also, this website does do some affiliate marketing and you may or may not come across some affiliate links in this post. You will. How? Affiliate marketing is basically the brainchild of … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs: if (is_webdev) { money+=1;} else {learn_webdev();} *

Digital Nomad Jobs – Web Developer (Not a clue what that means. A web developer told me to put it.) How? Are you are the kind of person who thinks that there just aren’t enough websites, web applications and plugins live right now? Do you have ambitions to spend your working life creating exciting and complex internal intranets for middle of the road companies and high schools? Perhaps you long for a viable alternative to a well-known internet shopping platform but … Continue reading