Digital Nomad Essential Kit- What does a wanderer need? (analogue)

Digital Nomad – What does a wanderer need? They call you wanderer yeah the wanderer You roam around around around… With all the things you need neatly packed away in your bag. It’s one the first major decisions every digital nomad is faced with and in, my opinion, probably the hardest. What do you need to take? You basically have 3 options. Option 1, you travel light, the bare essentials, a few tops, a couple of pairs of trousers and … Continue reading

Choosing the perfect bag

Somewhere to keep all your worldly goods! Every traveler needs a decent bag – after all you’re carrying your home on your back! Although what kind of bag you need will depend very much on what kind of digital nomad you are, there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re constantly on the move.If you’re a frequent flyer and happy to travel light, make sure your bag fits within the cabin limits – this is crucially important … Continue reading