Digital Nomad Jobs: Get work, get nomading. Part 2.

Digital Nomad Jobs – Get work, get nomading. Part 2. Every week it seems that more and more new remote work job sites are popping up. Who has the time to trawl through them all trying to find ones that are worth your time and effort? Me, that’s who. Me for you. I’ve already had one go at it and now I’ve decided to give you an early Summer treat! Part 2! Below you will find a list of some of the … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Bad Clients and how to deal with them.

Digital Nomad Jobs – Bad clients and how to deal with them. Every digital nomad freelancer I’ve ever met has a story about a bad client. It could be the control freak client who needs to see everything you are doing every hour of the day, the vague, wispy client who doesn’t really know what they want but expects 5 different versions to look at or the guy that will definitely, absolutely get you paid work after that one free … Continue reading