Digital Nomad Essential Kit: Appsolutely fabulous. The best apps for all digital nomads. Part 3.

Digital Nomad Essential Kit – Appsolutely fabulous. Part 3. Welcome to part 3 of the ‘appening’. Another chance for you to (hopefully) discover some thing new and exciting to help make your digital nomad adventures easier. Or more fun. Or even just less dull. Basically it will help you pass some time somewhere. Pretty Streets – Sometimes you just want to go for a nice walk on a pretty street. Get Pretty Streets and you can. LuckyTrip – If you’ve got the money … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Essential Kit: Appsolutely fabulous. The best apps for all digital nomads. Part 2.

Digital Nomad Essential Kit – Appsolutely fabulous. Part 2. Here we go with another 25 apps all discerning Digital Nomads should be clued up on. That brings your total so far up to the magic five-o, that’s 50(!) of the finest bits of digital kit designed to make your life easier, happier and just better in general. Duolingo – ‘Hallo. Wie heißt du? Ich heiße Tom.’ If you are now sat wondering what on earth I am talking about you … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Essential Kit: Appsolutely fabulous*. The best apps for all digital nomads. Part 1.

*That’s bad. Sorry. I am in a ”loud neighbor that parties hard until 4 am and a cat that likes to sing at 5:30 am lack of sleep comatose”. It’s been like this for 4 days now. Pray for my sleep salvation. Digital Nomad Essential Kit: Appsolutely fabulous. Part 1. Strap yourselves in kids. It’s time for the first part of another mildly epic series of posts designed to help you get the best out of life on the digital … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – An alternative view on microtasking

A few weeks back I wrote a few lines on microtasking. It’s fair to say that my experience with them wasn’t great. However, being a modern, open-minded kinda guy I’m always happy to hear the other side of the argument. With that in mind I am happy to share with you a short piece sent to us by Giuliana Ceresa. Giuliana has slightly taken me to (micro) task over my comments and was keen to show you that undertaking a few … Continue reading

Nomad Apps – What to do?

Digital Nomad Apps What to see? Apps. Hopefully by now you have looked, booked and arrived at your destination, sure you have work to do but let’s have some fun first yeah? Trouble is, what do you do? Maybe you are a really well organised and disciplined Digital Nomad that has spent the flight pouring over travel guides, listening to travellers podcasts and mapping out your itinerary with military precision. If not, no worries, you’re just like the rest of us, … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Apps – Accomodation

Digital Nomad Apps Accommodation apps. If you’ve got where you are going it’s always good to have somewhere to stay. Whether you are digital nomading in style or on less of a budget there is sure to be an app designed to help you out. Comprehensive search engines. Useful for those on all budgets but will include options aimed at the digital nomad with deeper pockets (not me). – A great app to start with offering you the chance … Continue reading

Digital Nomads – Nomad Apps

Digital Nomads – Nomad Apps Ground control to nomad Tom. Commencing travelling, rucksack on.. That’s pretty lame, I’m aware, I just needed something to start me off writing about useful apps for the Digital Nomad. Given that the majority of people now own smartphones and tablets it’s pretty easy to create and carry your own ground control with you all over the world. Over the next few posts I will be trying to put together a (semi) comprehensive list offering … Continue reading