Time to make a change? Launch your freelance career today!

As one part of the world faces up to another 5 years of absolute misery and another part has another 3 and half years to go you would be forgiven for being a little glum. You’d even be forgiven for thinking ‘what’s the point?’, I get it, I really do. The prospects are quite grim. So in that case you might as well make the most of it whilst you still can! Free yourself from the shackles of dystopian governments … Continue reading

So, what is a digital nomad anyway?

So, what is a digital nomad anyway? Simply put, a digital nomad is a person who travels at will (usually frequently) while relying on technology (laptops and the internet) to complete enough work to make their desired income. These people are almost exclusively business owners or freelance contractors, with a few “satellite employees” who are able to fit the requirements. This lifestyle has been characterized by images of tan people sitting on the beach, sipping a mai tai as they work on … Continue reading

Start Today

Start today. Do you want to be a digital nomad? Would you like to see the world whilst forging a successful online career? Can you imagine living a life that, just a few decades ago, was only accessible to millionaires? If so, why are you still sat at home? The digital nomad lifestyle is by no means easy, but if you’re willing to work hard it is totally achievable – even if you don’t possess a skill that initially lends … Continue reading