Hello and welcome to the new look ‘Digital Nomad Jobs’ website. Here you will find hints, help, ideas and (vague) humour all designed to help you make the most out of your existing digital nomad life. Or, if you are still an analogue worker, make your first leap into the digital nomad world*.
*You will become a digital newmad. 

I have painstakingly cut the wheat from the chaff as they say and have removed/will be removing any posts that I feel aren’t up to the rigorous high standards we set here at digital nomad jobs. Very shortly we will be creating some wonderful, informative and most importantly, original content custom created for you, the digital nomads of the world! Keep your eyes open for that.

As a special ‘relaunching’ treat I am prepared to send out the original, hand-drawn cartoons that now accompany almost all of our ‘digital nomad jobs’ articles. Just drop me a line and let me know what you want and where to send it, you never know, I might be famous one day!

N.B. This is still an ongoing transition. There may be a few more tweaks upcoming. Do not be alarmed or adjust your monitors!

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