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twig boy cooks

There’s no point in having more than one website if you can’t use them to promote each other, right?

If you have ever considered not eating meat for a day, a week, a month, a year or forever, have a quick look at twig boy cooks. You will find some pretty genius (if I do say so myself) vegetarian meal ideas. Twig boy cooks is a fledgeling website designed to make the eating of vegetarian food fun and interesting. To take it away from rubbish, cheesy pasta bakes and boring beans. At twig boy cooks, you will find a wide range of recipes for every meal of the day and at least 2 new creations every week.

All of the recipes on twig boy cooks are cheap, easy to prepare and incredibly delicious. They 100% don’t include outrageous ingredient and equipment demands. Meaning you should be able to prepare them on your digital nomad travels, wherever you are in the world.  All of the recipes can easily be upscaled in serving size, that way you can treat all of your new digital nomad friends along the way! Just remember to tell them where you got the recipe from…

So, if you fancy a change from your carnivorous ways, have a look at twig boy cooks for a delicious guide to a vegetarian world. You can also find twig boy on Facebook and Twitter.

I (and the animals) thank you.

Obligatory Morrissey (king of the vegetarians) link.

ps. twig boy cooks also accepts guest posts and ideas. If you have come across some fantastic vegetarian/vegan food on your travels, let us know and we will see what we can do.


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