Well. I did promise you 2 a second dose of ‘Nomad news from Nowhere’ so here you go. Enjoy.

Hopefully, by now you will be a fully fledged digital nomad that is so inundated with work you are making more than enough money to live the life of your dreams. If not, you might want to start looking for work on either working nomads or remotive. If you want more options you should look here. And here. Oh, here as well. And, last one, 100% here.

Yesterday I got a little bit excited and, like a berk, I sat in the sunshine with minimal sun tan lotion on for a lot longer than I should have. My chest is a rather fetching shade of pink. Anyway, I felt awful for several hours afterward and feel it is my duty to remind everyone about the dangers of sunburn, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Consider yourself reminded and read up on how to avoid, prevent and, if you fail, treat these nasty heat diseases.

Now, the reason that I got a little over excited and acted like such a berk was that I have recently moved house. I am currently residing just outside of Lagos, Portugal* and decided to visit a beach for the first time in about 4 years. That bit is rather irrelevant to be honest but it all kind of fits together so bear with me. The point is that I had to pack up all of my possessions for the big move and realised just how much junk I had accumulated over my time in Tomar. It was a lot. No-one should have to move with that much stuff. If you have a habit of hoarding or just don’t really know what to pack read this guide on what not to pack.
*Feel free to say hello if you ever venture to the Algarve.

I received an email earlier this week about an old article I had written about digital product creation. In it, I mentioned podcasts and had a link showing you the ins and outs of the podcast world. Anyway, I have been forwarded a new how to guide on podcasting by Robert Mening and am more than happy to share the link with you. If you are interested in becoming a podcast king or queen you could do much worse than clicking here.

If you eat food for any reason other than the necessity you should probably have a look at this list of the 6 hottest food destinations in Europe for Summer 2017. I’ve been to a few of the places mentioned and yeah, they do some good eats. If you are looking for something a little more high-end and the opportunity to show off, you can find the full Michelin cities guide here. You posho.

Non-Michelin star recipe of the week. Because we all have days when we need BBQ baked beans. Honestly, I’ve made it, it’s pure. Probably one for those of you in slightly colder climes mind.

I have just discovered this website about the life and travels of a digital nomad and I think you might find it pretty entertaining.

OK, the article is a little bit old but it is quite an eye opener on travel insurance. I hope you won’t need it but it always pays to be prepared*.
*I have never, ever had travel insurance. I don’t have anything worth stealing and I’m (usually) incredibly aware of my own safety.

I like lists, I like to live in cities and I like things that are affordable. I doubt that it’s much of a surprise to learn that I like this list of 10 affordable cities to live in.

I’m pretty sure that I posted a link a few weeks/months back connected to the National Geographic travel photographer of the year competition. Well, the winners have been announced and you can see them at the following link. Most of them are stunning, some of them are a bit meh.

If you ever want to visit Bordeaux and let’s be honest, who doesn’t? You might want to try to bag yourself some free accommodation in one of these beautiful and free holiday cabins. You’ll need to be quick on the draw but if you’re lucky please take me as a guest! I’ll bring the wine. All the details can be found here.

3rd song of the week. My, how I spoil you.

And there we go, that should take you through to the weekend. Enjoy your Thursday and Friday. Have a cosmic weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.

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