TGI/TFI Friday! Yes, you made it to the weekend. Congratulations, it’s time for you to enjoy a well deserved (I assume) break. So sit back and let me point you in a few different directions to pass some minutes before the weekend disappears for another 5 days.

We Work Remotely! Do you? If not, why not? You should. And you can by applying for one of the many jobs found on the jobs listings at we work remotely.

1st song of the week.

I wanted to link to a few articles from this site but it’s so in-depth and basically good that I thought I could ruin the weekend for anyone interested in business by stealing all of your time! Sorry about that!

Digital no-mates? It can be tough making friends on the road. If you flit from city to city you probably won’t get the chance to make too many lasting relationships. You might just want to touch down somewhere and find a like-minded nomad you can grab a beer with and talk at. If that sounds a bit like you, you should check out both of the links in this paragraph. They might help you make a friend! Oh yeah, this is the other link.

Of course making friends is easy (probably), the hard part is knowing where you want to go to meet these people. The world is your oyster and it’s a pretty freaking big one. If you are overwhelmed at the prospect of choosing have a look at this list of ‘7 trendy destinations for digital nomads’. What? 7 isn’t enough? Fair enough, have 10 more.

I’m seriously trying to push this co-working malarkey. It’s a great way to meet new people, keep your mind focused on your work and ultimately, well, hopefully, become more productive. If you’d like to learn more you should read this.

Sometimes all you need in life are digital nomads sharing their top tips for year-round travel. If today is one of those days, I’ve got you covered. Enjoy.

Other days, all you’ll need is an amazing jambalaya recipe. Jambalaya is great, I first had it at a friend’s house in Budapest so I’m including it here as a digital nomad recipe. Right, there are 2 ways to make jambalaya, the easy way with minimal ingredients or the easy way with many, many ingredients. I’ll let you decide based on your budget and bothered-ness. If you like the idea of Cajun inspired food but don’t fancy a full-on cooking session you can just make this epic Cajun spice mix, bang it on some chicken/potato wedges/vegetables etc and have a good time!

2nd song of the week.

This is a nice list full of resources giving you a decent breakdown of 15 jobs that let you travel the world. Well worth a read.

Procrastination is the mortal enemy of digital nomads worldwide. ”Now that’s a scientific fact: there’s no real evidence for it, but it is scientific fact.*” Anyway, there are many things you can do to prevent it or, if you’re the other way inclined, prevent getting caught doing it. This BuzzFeed list has 23  helpful internet browsing tricks designed to make your life better.
*Thanks, Brass Eye! Not one to look up if you are easily offended. It’s incredibly NSFW. (shameless self-promotion).

I’ve always wanted to go. I read this and now I want to go more. I will go someday. Toulouse.

Learning a new language? Want to learn a new language? Want to waste a bit of time on Pinterest? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions please have a look at Digital Nomad Jobs’ latest Pinterest board. DigitalNomadLingo.

Lou Reed recommended taking a walk on it. You should try taking a walk on it in Portugal.

Everybody loves a good gadget. Check out some of the latest ones here and here that can help you live the digital nomad life in style.

And there we go. That should keep you busy for a few minutes. If you’ve anything you’d like mentioned in next week’s edition please feel free to get in touch via email or the Facebook page. As long as it’s not mean you’ll almost certainly get a mention (I’m a nice guy like that!). Have a great week.


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