Digital Nomad Jobs – More Nomad News From Nowhere. Issue 21.

Ladies and Gentleman, may I have your attention pleeease.

I can’t find my camera. Have one of me and the gato.

I’m afraid I have some incredibly disappointing news for you. Unfortunately, due to my incredibly selfish desire not to go stir crazy and walk head-on into the sea, next week I am going away on my travels for a week to see some old friends. That means that there won’t be any issues of Nomad News From Nowhere for a while. To be honest, that might not be a bad thing, maybe we all need a little time apart? I can tell you honestly that I 100% need a new laptop at least. I’m pretty sure this one is steam powered. Sadly last week saw the end of my beloved hand me down, fugly pink yet powerful Samsung. A combination of it being rather buggered anyway and a crash at an inopportune moment saw me rage quit the screen in half. It wasn’t the most sensible approach but I won’t lie, it felt pretty great! Anyway, the downside to that is that I’ve had to dig up one of the beloved hand me down, fugly pink yet still powerful Samsung’s great, great, great grandparents. It is almost certainly the only thing on this green Earth that runs slower than I do.
I should probably also mention that believe it or not, I used up quite a lot of my best ‘humor’ last week. Oh, and like normal, nearly all italics are links, they should open in new windows for you.

Anyway, shall we crack on?

Nomad-der where you come from, how old you are or which religious persuasion* you choose to follow, We (me and the cat) here at Digital Nomad Jobs hope you find something in this latest issue of Nomad News From Nowhere that excites you. Or inspires you. Something that you think is useful. Well, if not useful maybe something a bit ”meh, that might be OK”. Maybe you’ll use one of the job sites I painstakingly Google on your behalf and find your dream employment? Perhaps you’ll try one of today’s award-winning recipes** or find a new favorite song amongst today’s plethora of musical talent? Maybe I’ll inadvertently convert some of you into liberal lefties through the enforced reading of The Guardian? I can only hope you’ve answered yes to at least one of those options.
*Except Jedi. I’m not really into Star Wars.
**All recipes have been awarded the highest possible awards by the T A Rogers DNJ Institue of Cooking Excellence. Est. 12/9/2017. The owner, me. The chief critic, me. The cook, me. The awards giver, me. The PR manager, not me.

Where to find work?
Hey, HEY. Look at me! I’m a WorkingNomad.

Do you want to be a working nomad like that show off up there? ”Indeed.”

Are you sure, 100%? ”Of coursely” Fair enough, look at Outsourcely.
You can see why I need some real, human interaction can’t you?

If you’ve tried scriptwriting and failed miserably you might want to change your tack and change script, I mean, come on, who really wants to work in Hollywood at the minute anyway?It all sounds a bit horrible and handsy to me. Still, keep working in your coffee shop, learn JavaScript at night and then find some jobs at JSRemotely.

As I’m already about halfway through the bottom of the barrel with these ‘hilarious’ write-ups I’m going to save my self from further shame by giving you this link. Digital Nomad Jobs – Get work, Get Nomading. It’s in 5(!) parts.

What to read?
Want to see the world but aren’t sure where to go?
Often find yourself wondering where people you’ve never met go on holiday?
Do you form slightly odd attachments to people you don’t really know?
Ever fancied yourself as the ‘stalker’ type?
If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions you owe it to yourself to read this article. Where 28 Digital Nomads are going in 2018. And possibly, you know, seek some help over the stalking aspects of your life. I’m not judging, it’s just, er, need a delicate word for this.. Weird.

The only Swedish internet star that I am culturally aware of is not one that I am fond of. I much prefer the cartoon character he (potentially, I’ve not actually looked it up, you can’t honestly think I would research that sort of thing?) lazily rehashed the name of. Anyway, my one-man mission for today is to make this guy the first Swedish internet personality you think of when someone asks you ‘Who is your favorite Swedish internet personality?’ Read Swedish Nomad here.

I’m modern and cool and up with all the latest fads and trends. I bring you Skillcrush. Actually, wait. Is candy crush still something you’re all into?

This weeks ‘crowbarred’ in ‘song of the week’ is this track by The Charlatans called North Country Boy. From now on in my mind, it will be renamed ‘Wee Gypsy Girl in honor of this travel blog. It’s interesting and well worth 10 minutes of your time. To be honest the choice of track was a toss-up between The Charlatans number and a Primal Scream track called Country Girl. You’d think Country Girl would be a better fit but it really doesn’t work as well lyrically. Still a pretty good song though.

I’ve had a couple of requests this week regarding links to add and post on the website. As a man of the people, I am happy to comply. First of all, if you ever wanted to ‘get the skinny*’ on how to register a domain name you should read this article on Cloudwards which is called, as you might imagine get the skinny on How To Register A Domain Name.
*I sincerely hope ‘getting the skinny’ on something means what I think it means.

Secondly, following on from some recent links regarding web safety (stay out of the chatrooms kids) you might be interested in this article detailing how you can browse the web in anonymity. Although I do have to ask, what are you doing that you’re so ashamed of?………….Ah, I get it now. Tut-tut.

This isn’t really relative to the digital nomad lifestyle but it is a pretty great book to take on a short flight or trip. It’s called ‘All Of My Friends are Superheros’ and I remember it being fantastic when I had it. I mean that was about 10 years ago but I still stand by it. Another fantastic read, which I am not ashamed to say had me sobbing in parts, is The Wrong Boy by Willy Russell. It is a brilliant book and one which I’ll take with me on Monday now that I have thought about it.

Last two article links for you in this section now and both are pretty relevant to my current situation. I’ve already mentioned my current laptop woes and in my quest for a computer you don’t have to wind up to get started I have been browsing several of ‘the best of’ guides. This one is pretty cool but I think it does have a lot of affiliate links in it. Still, if it helps you out why not share the wealth.

Once I have my shiny new laptop I’m going to need some friends to work with. You can only get along so far with just a cat to talk to. If, like me, you have a crippling feeling of solitude and loneliness you might want to consider joining up at Coworkation and meet like-minded people. To be honest I’ll probably just end up in the bar so there is always that option to consider.

‘What to read from The Guardian?
Slightly slim pickings from The Guardian this week. One article that did catch my eye was the long read on Portugal’s radical drug policy and why it is working. To be honest, I’ve never been a hard drugs user and I doubt I ever will but I don’t really judge anyone on what they want to do with there lives. Unless it’s being a dick to other people, then you’re just a dick that deserves to be judged accordingly. Anyway, it is an interesting read and will certainly pass a bit of travel time for you.

A tree that makes people cry, sounds like a Shyamamamamalan film to me but apparently, it’s real life! Oh, I’ve just read it properly, it is just a big tree, it’s not magic or owt. Still looks amazing mind.

I’m still trying to improve my fashion eye and I think I’m getting better at it now. I have been perusing with vague/vogue interest the fashion pages and yeah, some of it is cool. A lot of it is horrible but like I said, I’m a novice. Anyway, get your Mom a fashionable gift from this guide, Keep up to date with the December look here and if you want to see 10 of the best men’s trousers this is your best bet. For any spotlight lovers out there make sure you get noticed this party season with some pretty cosmic looks here.

Where to go?
I will go to Germany one day and when I do I will visit Hamburg. It looks brilliant.

I will also visit all of these places in Hamburg.

In fact, sod it, I will just go and live in Germany. Any of these places will suit.

What to eat?
As last week was a full on vegetarian delight I figure it’s only fair for the carnivores heathens* among us to have some fun. Not too much fun mind, just one meals worth. It’s a good meal tho, I am making it tonight. An authentic chicken jalfrezi. Of course, you can substitute the chicken for something less fowl if you like.
*I include myself in that.

For the vegetarian do-gooders out there, you might like this tofu and spinach cannelloni. It’s tasty and has good, life-giving, nourishing cheese in it!

And for the vegan elitist (I know who you are, I know you’ll read this, you know it’s a joke) you can try a recipe I have created entirely on my own. It’s called bread a’la Tom. You get some bread, you dip it in water and you shovel it down as fast as you can. If you want to flex your creative cooking muscles then consider an upgrade to beans on toast or this aubergine tagine with black olives and preserved lemons.

What to drink?
I really, really want to try a dark and stormy. I’m a man of simple tastes.

What to listen to?
SONG 1. 
Thanks to Westfalia Digital Nomads for putting me on to this, it’s quite great.
SONG 2. Thanks to myself for suddenly remembering this song.

What else?
Oh, you know, just the usual. If you want to get in touch please feel free. You can use the form at the top of the page but I have been having some troubles with that so use the old facebook page or you can twit at me (that is much better than tweet) here. Or you can email me directly at thomas.a.rogers86<atsign> Sorry for the <atsign> it’s just the real <atsign> on this keyboard is broken.

Well, have a fantastic weekend and next week. Take it easy.


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