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Roll up, roll up. Come one and all. Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and girls, children of all ages. Leave all your prejudices at the door and join your fellow digital nomads of all genders, orientations, and haircut styles here for this, the monumental 20th (20!) edition of everyone’s favourite semi-regular digital nomad newsletter that originates from the Algarve, that I write. With the cat.

Now, apologies are needed here from me for the extended delay in between issue 19 and 20. I’d like to be able to tell you that I’d been off having epic adventures but that wouldn’t really be true. Well, I did have one but I’ll get to that later. The truth is I’m just quite lazy and whatever motivation I have had has been channelled into other activities I vaguely enjoy like my charity work (yes, I know, it is very wonderful of me) and er, cooking. Anyway, to make it up to you I am willing to offer you a special one time only mammoth 20th issue special featuring at least 2 pictures of my slightly special digital nomad cat, Margarida!!

I have recently returned (last night) from an incredibly short trip over to Scotland, it’s lovely. Freezing cold and incredibly expensive but genuinely a beautiful country to see and home to some incredibly friendly people. I highly recommend it. Anyway, on my way home I noticed that there was a fly in the cabin and I was overcome with a fairly serious sense of dread and despair for the little guy/girl/genderqueer creature. I reasoned that when we landed he would fly out of the door and be in a completely different country with no friends or family around and be absolutely baffled by his predicament. It might never again fly into a plane headed back home to Scotland. What about his life partner, what would they be thinking? They would have no idea what had happened and would be left alone, pining and crying for a lost love they will never see again. Then I realised that the fly might have pulled the old
”I’m just off for a packet of smokes” trick.
I felt a bit better about the whole situation then. I mean, not for the fly life partner but just in general, like the fly had made up its own mind rather than being forced into it. So yeah, that was the thought process of my return journey. Right on with the good stuff.

Where to find a job?
Skip the drive by finding your dream job at SkipTheDrive.

Jobspresso. What else?

European? Where you pean?* But yeah. EuropeanRemotely for all your remote European needs.
*That is quite probably the worst wordplay you’ll read all day. I can only apologise. Here’s a joke to make it up to you.
”So a Greek tragedian goes into a tailors shop and asks the owner for a pair of trousers, size 34, slim fit in black. Anyway, the owner goes off and rummages around his stock cupboard and 5 minutes later comes back with what he thinks is the perfect pair. The tragedian’s eyes light up, he gets a hold of the trousers and instantly starts furiously pulling at either leg, trying to pull them apart. Taken aback by whats occurring in front of him the shop owner pauses for a split second before shouting out, ‘Oi! Euripides, you pay for these’.

The OK but sometimes a bit good and sometimes a bit ‘meh’ band called Elbow once did a song called ‘Weather To Fly’ it is one of their less ‘meh’ songs. Elbow are a group consisting solely of men. PowerToFly is a remote jobs board and more consisting solely of women helping other women. As of now, I am unaware as to whether they have a song.

Git, NOUN. British, informal. An unpleasant or contemptible person.‘That mean git’. ‘A warped, twisted little git’
GitHub Jobs,
NAME. American(?), informal. A place to find remote jobs. ‘I found my dream job a GitHub.’

I was five and he was six
We rode on horses made of sticks
He wore black and I wore white
He would always win the fight

Bang bang, he shot me down
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, my baby shot me down.
But then he told me about this brilliant job board for freelance software professionals called and we made friends. It’s not just for the cartographers among you.

This is a really useful link but also a really useful way for me to crowbar several fantastic records by the band Muse into this issue. Good Muse that is, before they went rubbish. Anyway, before you head on over to The Muse for your remote job needs, have a listen to New Born, Hysteria, Plug In Baby, Unintended, Deadstar and Muscle Museum.

What to read?
Meet the digital nomads living in paradise and then head over to another section of the website for some insider ex-pat guides to various exotic locations.

Traveling Lifestyle is a pretty cosmic online travel magazine covering, but not limited to, all sorts of places, activities, travel tips and interviews. You should have a look if you’re interested in travel at all or just need to kill some time.

Westfalia Digital Nomads (WDN) have had the good grace to create a pretty extensive digital nomad freelancing resource guide which is definitely worth a look. They’ve had the even gooder (I’m going with it) grace to add me and this newsletter to the list so a big thanks to them for that. THANKS. I promise not to borrow too many of your links for my own website! Just joking. I promise nothing…………

He’s making a list and checking it twice,
he’s gonna find out whose
well prepared for life as a digital nomad in 2018.
Yes, this person has made an 18 point checklist.
(They may or may not ‘see you when you’re sleeping’.)

The hidden costs of being a digital nomad can be uncovered here.

It’s that time of year I’m told. It’s time to get gifts in exchange for giving gifts! If you are after a rundown of the 27 coolest travel gadgets that you might be able to convince people to buy you have a look here.

And when you have all of your new super cool, super expensive equipment you’re going to need to know how to keep it out of the sticky fingers of the shoplifters of the world who might want to unite and take over. If you want the lowdown on how to keep your possessions safe you could do a lot worse than look here.

I suppose whilst we are talking all things safety we should have a good look at the basic cybersecurity every digital nomad should be aware of and should be implementing. You might think it’s common sense but it never hurts to revise it all.

Ah, before I forget. I am rubbish at keeping headphones in fully working order. Er, there isn’t much more to that part of the story to be honest. Anyway, I should have said, I was rubbish at keeping headphones in fully working order until I got my hands/ears on this incredibly cheap, sturdy and sound satisfying set of Anker Bluetooth Headphones. This isn’t an affiliate link or anything like that. I just genuinely think they are pretty top headphones and if you are after a cheap pair for travelling you should get some.

What to read from The Guardian?
If you go to Russia you really Moscow to St Petersburg. It looks pretty amazing. It’s 100% added to my list.

Yes. I’ve been here. Porto is a pretty amazing city and there is much more to see then I could ever put down here but if you are into art and prisons (a little bit niche I know) then you should visit Porto’s prison art gallery. To be honest, even if you’re not into art or prisons you should go. It’s quite the experience.

”You’re a wizard Harry” said everyone who knows someone called Harry to him on his birthday. If you want to say it with a bit more conviction why not spend a small fortune this Christmas and treat yourself to a day out at the Making of Harry Potter Experience in Leavesden. I imagine it is quite good fun really.

Is retro the way to go? Can the old and uncool reclaim the crown of young and hip? Maybe.

As we have touched on in previous issues. I am no fashionista. However, in my ever ongoing quest for knowledge, I am willing to learn. If you want to keep up with some of the latest fads and trends designed to make you look ‘cool’ have a click on the following links. Jumpers, skirts, winter coats and erm, hair oils.

A little bit weird and left field now but I’ll confess. I am a cotton budder. I detest the feeling of wax in my ears and often can be seen rummaging around in them much to the disgust of my peers. I am, however, based on some research I have done, attempting to stop it. I don’t want to go deaf! If, like me, you are a cotton budder have a look at this short piece and realise why we have to stop. Come on comrades. Together, stronger.

Where to go?
Go and do some digital nomad meddling (not like that) in Medellin.

Can go? Canggu.


What to eat?
We’re having 3 rather wonderous vegetarian recipes this week I’m afraid. No meat for the carnivores. Still, I’m told that you don’t need meat for a meal so I’m happy to try and spread the word. As it’s getting colder almost everywhere I figured it would be a good time to deliver some scrumptious winter warmers into your recipe repertoire. First off we have a delicious baked pumpkin and spiced chickpea recipeIf that’s not your bag you might prefer this winter root mash with buttery crumbs. Serve it with the vegetarian sausage of your choice and then indulge in a squidgy chocolate pear pudding.

What to drink?
Hot buttered whiskey. I am going to try one when I get some real butter in the house. It will either be delicious or rancid. I’ll be sure to let you know.

What to listen to?
If the several tunes listed above are not to your taste then I suppose there really is no hope for you. The best I can do to try and win you over are these two.

What else?
Well, that’s about your lot for this issue of digital nomad jobs – nomad news from nowhere. I hope you have found something here that you can make use of and if not, sorry, feel free to come back again next week and have another pop. If there is anything you would like included in the next issue let me know, likewise if there is anything you would like me to find out about for you. You’re probably busier than I am. The best way to get in touch is to use the contact form on the website or go to the Facebook page or the Twitter page.

And again, Freelance Launch. Boldly go where several thousand others have been before.

Okie Dokie, well, have a great week and all that. I’ll leave you with one more picture of what is rapidly becoming my best friend.


Hidden cat


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