Pinch punch, it’s the first of the month. No returns, can’t say it back.
First off, I am truly sorry for that sneak pinch punch attack. Well, I’m not that sorry, I wouldn’t have done it if I really felt bad about it would I?
Hello and welcome to another edition of your discerning digital newsletter for all the digital nomads of the world. This week I have been a little bit busy with the visit of my wonderful future wife, the subsequent invention of the new word fub (ie. It was a lot of fub, that’s fubby etc), fixing up my old Apollo Mogul mountain bike and volunteering at a local charity shop just down the road from where I am currently living. It’s been a good week. Anyway, enough about me, let’s talk about you for a minute. Enough about you, let’s talk about life for a while.

One November spawned a monster in the shape of this job which later made you cry.
(Be aware, that is a Morrissey link)
‘It’s time to find a job’ was ‘what she said’. I clicked the off button on the REMOTE.
‘But I don’t want a rubbish and normal office job, I want to do something fun. Plus, I don’t have a car.’ I whined back. ‘That’s OK, we can SKIPTHEDRIVE‘ she whispered (I don’t know why she whispered, we were the only two in the room) ‘LETSWORKREMOTELY!
And we did, and then she left. And then I started listening to Morrissey. Tears pooling at my feet.
(Most of this is fictional. I’d say a good 100% is made up. I mean, can you imagine, me getting a proper job, ludicrous!)

15 Minutes to read? Oh, I wouldn’t say no. Oh, people see no worth in you. Oh, but I do.
(Be aware, that is a link to The Smiths)

Right, this is a first for me and I’m not really sure what I am doing but here goes. My one and done Beyonce reference.

Girls, we run this motha (yeah!)
Girls, we run this motha (yeah!)
Girls, we run this motha (yeah!)
Girls, we run this motha girls

Who run the world? Girls!
Who run the world? Girls!
Who run the world? Girls!
Who run the world? Girls!

Lord that’s bad. I can’t help but think that if she liked the tune she should have put some lyrics on it. BOOM! Anyway, if you can tear yourself away from the lyrical genius that’s written down above you can click on the top ‘Girls, we run this motha (yeah!)’ and read a selection of interviews from digital nomad girls.

Do you like people? Enjoy tech talks? Want to bag yourself a free t-shirt? If you’ve answered yes or even ‘meh’ to any of those questions get yourself a place at the Lisbon web summit. It’s the largest tech conference in the world! Also, it’s in Lisbon, so that’s quite cool.

Ever wanted to see 11 amazingly brilliant looking places that are illegal to visit? I know I did. And now I want to visit at least 9 of them. Maybe one day if my invisibility cloak ever gets delivered? Accio passport. Or, you know, maybe just apparate*.
(Yes, I am a grown-up.)

This. Just read this. It’s about a penguin that travels thousands of miles each year to live with his human soul mate for 8 months.

If that heart-warming story of friendship has inspired you to reach out and make a friend why not do it whilst working as a digital nomad? Click here for a list of 17 ways to collaborate with others. You never know you might get your own human penguin that will travel several thousand miles to live with you for 8 months of the year! Fingers crossed.

The old but still a bit new subsection. Your weekly Leftie Liberal Section! Otherwise known as links to The Guardian.
Who doesn’t like trees? Well, de-foresters(?), arsonists, dendrophobes. More than I thought now I think about it. Still, if you are not one of these tree hating freaks you might enjoy next years forest festival in the heart of the United Kingdoms National Forest. 

It might have just happened but read up on all the fun you can have next year in Xilitla for Mexico’s day of the dead celebration. It’s just like that bit in that James Bond film, but with less vomit inducing camera effects. Probably.

Ever wanted to see what an architectural award-winning pier looks like? Well, want no more dear nomad friends. Want no more.

Horror films seem to be an incredibly popular thing at the minute. Personally, I find them quite terrifying but whatever floats your boat. It takes all sorts to make the world turn. Different strokes for different folks etc. If you are a horror film aficionado you might want to take a look at this 10 of the best list of horror locations dotted all over this big blue ball*.
*Yeah I said it. It’s a big blue ball, sphere, oblate spheroid, oblate ellipsoid, whatever. It’s round. Like an orange. The Earth is just like a massive orange. You won’t find any ‘flat-earthers’ here at Digital Nomad Jobs. 

These are nice pictures to look at. These are also nice pictures to look at. You should look at them both.

Been around the world and I, I, I, I can’t find my favourite place to live.
(I bet you don’t get many digital nomad newsletters giving a nod to Lisa Stansfield eh?)
Technically this link should be in The Liberal Leftie (TLLS) but it’s more of a guide to a city so I’m putting it here instead. I am, after all, creative director of this work. So, meeting people in Gothenburg is easy.

This is also technically from the TLLS section but again, I am in charge. I can make, break or alter the rules to suit my mood. What you gonna do about it? Well, stop reading is the obvious thing that springs to mind. Er, don’t do that. I’ll work on following the rules, honest I will. Just don’t leave. Don’t leave…. But if you have to go, go to New Orleans or N’Orleans if you’re cool. It looks pretty brilliant. I would very much like to visit one time.

8 cities for 2018.

Ever wanted to co-work in Stockholm? Of course you have. Find out how to do it here.

If my specially selected destination guides aren’t really doing it for you feel free to do it yourself here at You can search over 3500 destinations and get the low down on basically everything you’ll need for a top-class trip.

Make me. Eat me.
Lime and ginger chicken with sweet potato mash. Doesn’t really need any explanation.

Meat Is Murder.
I am not a vegetarian. I probably should be but I am not. If you are, good for you. You are a better person than I am and I salute you. I just really like chicken. Anyway, I am sure one day I will become a herbivore and for that reason I have started whipping up a lot more vegetarian dishes in preparation. This week’s vegetarian delight was buffalo cauliflower bites. They were quite wizard, not quite a like for like chicken wing substitute but pretty close. Well worth a try if you like to mix it up a little bit in the kitchen.

Meat Is Murder.Part 2.
Now, not being a vegetarian means I don’t have much right to say this but I kind of think that if you are not eating animals because of the suffering they go through you probably shouldn’t be eating any dairy products at all. All the cows that get milked aren’t sipping pina coladas in the afternoon you know! With that in mind, and being engaged to a vegan, I figure that when I do go vegetarian I may as well dive in with both feet and become a fully fledged veganite. So it’s time to start cooking some vegan meals. Pumpkin and black bean burger is an absolute beast of a meal. Also, I’ve been told that I am not allowed to buy one of these rather cosmic vegan t-shirts without being a vegan. A little bit discriminatory if you ask me but whatever. If you are a vegan, or you know a vegan and you want to show your veganism off to the world shop at for all your vegan fashion needs. Providing those needs are limited to t-shirts.

Weekly Musical Highlights.
There are several musical treats dotted throughout this newsletter so I’ll just leave you with 2 3 here. Enjoy them.

Song 1 – A Stewart Lee song about another famous comedians wedding.
Song 2 – The Cure.
Song 3 – The Dresden Dolls.

And Finally.

Well, that’s that for another undetermined period of time. It probably won’t be too long but you never know really so yeah, we’ll see. We have just added a new page on the website allowing you to get in touch directly with me if that’s your cup of tea? Feel free to drop me a line and say hello or share your stories or links or whatever really. It’s up to you. Other than that you can use the old facebook or twitter accounts.

Have a cosmic week wherever you are in the world. Take it easy.x




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