Once more unto the breach dear digital nomad friends, once more.

Hello digital nomads of the world. I hope you have had a cosmic week living the life that you want. I figure that you’ve had a pretty busy week so far so now I declare that you can relax for the rest of the day. Sit back and take in some of the best articles I have stumbled across this week.

Get a job. Get a job now.
To quote the Offspring.
‘I won’t pay, I won’t pay ya, no way.na-
na, Why don’t you get a job?’
If those thought-provoking lyrics inspire you to search for gainful employment you should look at WFH, Landing.jobs and Authentic Jobs. Happy hunting and good luck to you.

The things you should read.
OK, a public service announcement for those of you that smoke*. Starting in November Thailand is banning smoking on 20 of it’s most popular beaches. If you dare to spark one up on one of the beaches and get caught you face either 1-year in jail or a 100,000 Baht fine. So remember nomads, in Thailand smoking kills your bank balance and freedom. Also, you know, it’s bad for you.
*100% not judging anyone that smokes, I did it for far too long and have only recently quit.

As a digital nomad living the dream I think it’s fair to say that you’ll probably be travelling all over the world, meeting new people and discovering new cultures. The best way to do this is politely. Manners come for free. So does this website. Read it and learn how not to offend people. A little bit of cultural etiquette goes a long way.

If you are preparing for life as a digital nomad or a remote worker you could do a lot worse than checking out these webinars. There are plenty of tips and tricks to help you make the most of your day, your week, your month, your year and the rest of your life.

As soon as we get past Halloween we’ll be inundated with Christmas. Merry bleeding Christmas in November. It’s ridiculous. Oh well, you might as well get in early and make the most of it. Drop some hints to the gift givers in your life by sending them a copy of this link. Here you/they might get some ideas on what to get your/their favourite digital nomad this Christmas. Also, they’ll have plenty of time to save up the funds!

Strategies. Everybody loves a good strategy. If you want to learn how to strategically find and book Airbnb accommodation as a digital nomad, look no further.

Five for the price of one for you now.
Firstly. What do you want to be when you grow up? A digital nomad? Great, have a read of this article to find out why that is the wrong mindset to have for success.
Secondly. Now that you know that it’s the wrong mindset to have, read this article to find out how to become a digital nomad.
Thirdly. Have you ever woken up and wondered to yourself ‘Am I a digital nomad at heart?’ If you have and you still haven’t managed to make your mind/heart up about it you should read this article explaining it to you.
Fourthly. 8 jobs that pay over $100k for digital nomads? Sounds a bit too good to be true to me but I am not in one of the eight roles so what the flip do I know?
And fifthly. There is no fifthly, I just remembered that I knew someone who called their child Fifley and I thought I wanted to mention that and ask if anyone else knows of another Fifley out there?

City Guides.
Big thanks to Lara and all of the fantastic people at cafebabel for pointing me in the direction of this great article about digital nomad life in Lisbon. I will continue to bang the Portuguese drum as long as this newsletter keeps going!

Autumn is upon us. You can tell because the shops are suddenly full of Halloween costumes and every social event is now prefixed/suffixed with a word like spooky or spooktacular. It’s 1 day. Get over it. Anyway, anyone with a sense of normalness about them knows that the best thing about Autumn is the colours. Whether you are a digital nomad that likes to take pictures or just a normallo that loves to see breathtaking scenery consider visiting one of these beautiful locations all around the world.

I tried quite hard to think of something witty and amusing to write here but then I realised that I haven’t managed it before so why try to start now! Anyway, once you’ve been to Lisbon, go to Spain, bask in the Basque Country, Bilbao in particular. Bilbao Baggins maybe? Anyone?

Once upon a time I bought a book for someone about the 1st world war, the book was called ‘Somme Mud’. I thought it was funny at the time (I was quite young) to make up a song called ‘Somme Mud’, the words basically went ‘Somme mud, it get on your boot, Somme mud, it get in your boots’. It wasn’t very good and given the content of the book it wasn’t overly sensitive. As a penance, the least I can do is try to point you towards a visit to the Somme. It is full of history and looks rather beautiful in the pictures.

Food and Drink.
A bit of a departure from the norm here. There will be a recipe for sure but first, have a look at this top 10 list detailing some of the best foodie tours around Europe. It takes in some beautiful countries and (most) of the food sounds delicious.

Lets all tuck into some cheesy, spicy nachos. You can substitute the beef for soy, they just won’t taste as good! Have them with a beer.

This song. Just play this song.
And this one.

And Finally.
I am pretty sure that I have mentioned a few times that I am a big fan of John Grant. You really should listen to some of his records. They are fantastic. Anyway, once you have listened to the music and realised how great it is you should read this interview on how Iceland saved him and then this city guide to Reykjavik written by the man himself.

Super. Have a great weekend. Feel free to get in touch if you have anything you want to share with the digital nomad community or even if you’re just a little bit bored and want a chat. It’s always nice to meet new people! You can find us on the Facebook, that Twitter and Pinterest.

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