Digital Nomad Jobs – Travel on the Cheap. Part 2. More blindingly obvious tips!

Yes, you do want to learn how to travel cheaply.

Welcome to part 2 of your blindingly obvious tips to cut costs whilst travelling. I had intended to write this up last week the day after I had written part 1 but, you know, I didn’t. I was too busy doing other things and then I went on my adventure to Edinburgh. That was great fun and I will 100% be going again soon, November in fact. You should probably go.

Your digital nomad-tastic tips for saving money this week are a mixed bag made up of fantastic miscellaneous ones and ones that I forgot to put in last weeks list. Sorry about that. So, without further ado, digital nomad jobs proudly/meekly/humbly presents:

Travel on the Cheap. Let’s State the Obvious, Just In Case You Missed It! Part 2.

Before you go.

*If you really like people and don’t have a grave mistrust and fear of them (just me that thinks like that then?) you might consider Couchsurfing. It’s free to join although you can pay for membership and get some extra features. I wouldn’t do it. I’d worry that I would end up in an ice bath missing a kidney.
*Got pets? Get a house sitter instead of boarding them. Not only will your pets life not be disrupted you will also know that there is someone looking after your abode whilst you are away.
*Make a list. If there are certain things you want to do in certain countries make a list and stick to it. You might find it easier to plan out your routes and costs if it’s all written down on paper in front of you.
*Go off the beaten track. Look for budget destinations to visit, stop following the millions of backpackers before you and go somewhere else. We’ve all seen the Budapest parliament building at night now. Go somewhere new and get some original ideas so I can see some new pictures.
*Work out what you want. Before you book your accommodation decide what is essential and what is a luxury. Do you really need your own toilet (well, yes, obviously)? If you can slum it without your own private facilities you are likely to save yourself a small fortune. A small fortune that henceforth shall be known as the toilet tax.
*Know when to fly. Apparently, mid-week flights are a lot cheaper than their bookend of the week counterparts. Take advantage of that when booking your trips.
*Have a look at Secret Flying. Obviously, don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret.
*Can’t keep a secret? OK, have a look at the flight deal instead.
*There is a really cosmic Jarvis Cocker song called From A to I. There is a really cosmic transport search engine called Rome2Rio. I prefer the song but the website is very useful.
*Don’t pack like a moron part 2. Take something for (nearly) all eventualities. It might rain, take a plastic poncho, your £3 shoes might give you a massive blister whilst walking around Scotland’s capital city, get good ones. You don’t want to have to fork out on expensive new items unexpectedly. Trust me on that.
*Make sure that you are ‘appsolutley fabulous’ before you go. Seriously, you won’t need all of them but they can and will help you save money along the way. Oh, you can also have parts 2 and 3 as well.

When you are there.

*Never buy the hotel booze. It is expensive and small and very unsatisfying. Go to the supermarket instead.
*Double that last tip up to include the hotel food, unless it’s prepaid for of course, in that case, stuff yourself silly.
*If you must eat, eat sensibly. Ideally, you will have the facilities needed to cook at hand, if you have, you’re golden. If not you should really try to eat in places that are set away from the designated tourist areas. They are much cheaper. Maybe try the street food.
*Look for a bargain. To be honest I’m not entirely sure how many countries have websites like Wowcher or Groupon but a quick Googling should set you on the right path. You can often get some pretty wizard deals on activities, food and other things equally cosmic. Don’t be afraid to coupon!
*Take the overnight trains and buses when you can, you’ll get where you want to go and you won’t have to spend money on a nights accommodation. Be like Gladys or one of the Pips.
He’s leaving
On that midnight train to Georgia, yeah
(Leaving on the midnight train)
*Learn what to do when it comes to transport. Always buy a ticket, if you don’t and you get caught out by an inspector they will heavily fine you and rightly so. Don’t steal transport, you’re better than that!
*Don’t over order. Food portions in Europe can be pretty huge. Err on the side of caution when ordering, you can always add extra, I doubt you can give it back.
*If it’s free it’s (probably) good! In Edinburgh, I visited the National Museum of Scotland, the National Gallery and The National Portrait Gallery for the princely sum of £1. Yes, I know what you’re thinking and yes, it is true, I am incredibly sophisticated. Anyway, most major cities will have some free activities for you to do. Tripadvisor the life out of the place and enjoy.
*All We Make Is Entertainment. Find out which local bars and pubs have free music nights or quizzes. There’s a fair chance you’ll meet some like-minded people and have a cracking time.
*If your activity of choice comes at a cost make sure you look directly at their website. Often you will find you get a cheaper ticket online and you will be able to beat any queues.


*Lose friends and alienate people. Don’t bring back any tat for your friends and family. Yeah, it’s nice to have a souvenir but who really keeps them after a week or so?
‘Wow, yeah, no. The I ”heart” Blackpool t-shirt is great, I love it really, I just er, keep it for special occasions, like weddings and funerals.’
Is a friend of a friend’s friend your friend? Maybe. Use all of your networking and social media charm to see if you have any acquaintances lurking along your travel route. You might get a few nights accommodation in exchange for a meal.
*Never assume camping is the cheapest option. Campsites can take you to the cleaners at certain times of the year. Check before you turn up.
*Don’t get bored. Boredom leads me to a severe case of spenditis. You might want to invest in a Kindle or some other form of entertainment.
*Relax, try not to worry too much about your spending. If your careful and put a bit of thought into it you can have a brilliant time on practically any budget. Remember, too much stress will kill you. Have a nice trip!

And we’re done with part 2. Maybe we’ll get a part 3 out sometime soon, maybe not? I’ll leave that hanging in the air to achieve a sense of mystery.

Take it easy.x

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