Digital Nomad Jobs – Become a clothing mogul


Digital Nomad Jobs – Clothing design mogul

How to become an online clothing design mogul.

Thanks to companies such as printful, designing and selling your own products online has never been easier. Do a design, advertise a design, sell a design. Simple, well, pretty simple at least. Setting up an online shop can be quite a daunting experience but thankfully, we have already covered that topic in detail. You can find all of that information at the link below, then come back and carry on. I’ll wait for you.

Become an online shop owner.

Good to have you back, now you’re all set up with your online shop and you’ve connected it to a drop shipping company such as printful  (other companies are available but printful are the only one I have personally used and can 100% recommend*) it’s almost time to start selling some clothes. I’m going to assume you have a few ideas at least? If not, it might be a good time to start coming up with a few pretty soon, if you’re still stuck it’s research time. You might want to see what’s on trend at the minute and draw some inspiration (NOT copy) from that or you might want to buck every trend there is and go off somewhere new. Which ever way you choose, give it a quick google and see what else is out there. Try and make something unique yet stylish, the recent trend of ‘Keep calm and blahblahblah’ is, hopefully, dead. Let’s keep it that way.

Once you have a few designs down you can start to experiment with mockups, printful offer a free mockup generator which allows you to see what your design will look like on a range of clothing (and non clothing items) including t-shirts, dresses, leggings and socks. This is a great way to get a realistic view of what the finished product will look like in various colours as well as allowing you to experiment with designs on items of clothing you may not have considered selling before. Once you are happy with your designs it’s time to upload them to the printing company.

Once your designs are uploaded you may want to order a few sample products for yourself, printful offers samples at a 20% discount with free standard shipping. Samples are a great way for you to physically feel the quality of the fabric and the print. You can even then give them to friends and family in exchange for some honest feed back and customer ratings on your shop.

One of the biggest pluses of drop shipping is that there is no upfront cost, the company takes money only when they receive an order from you. This is a great way to start up a business with minimal costs but needs to be considered when you are devising a pricing strategy. T-shirts on printful start from around $12 dollars plus shipping but obviously the more you spend the higher the quality product you get. The price you charge depends on how much you think you can realistically sell your t-shirts for. If you are selling a simple, generic design on the lowest cost fabric you will need to reflect that in your price. Always remember to consider the shipping fees as you don’t want to be left covering the cost of the product getting wherever it’s going.

* I have a fantastic t-shirt based on the band The Smiths, it’s amazing. If anybody wants the design email the site and I will try to get that to you.

Put bluntly, none. Whilst formal training in areas such as design and possibly business won’t be a hindrance to your plan of fashion domination, it’s not a requisite. As long as you have an idea or several 10’s of ideas and can put them on a screen you’re half way there. If you have the ideas but not the creative skill there are a few options open to you, either (money allowing) hire out the work or get some software, lock yourself away and practice it.


The hardware needed for this work is essentially the staple diet of the digital nomad, a decent laptop or tablet and an internet connection. I guess you might also need a graphics tab for more complex designs. The software you need will depend on the designs you want to achieve but Adobe Illustrator is the one most of my designer friends use.

How well does it suit the Digital Nomad lifestyle?

Pretty well on all fronts, the design work can be done from anywhere you can set up your laptop and the online bit can be done anywhere you can get online. A good thing about selling products online through drop shipping is that once it’s set up it basically looks after itself. All you need to do is keep advertising and promoting your website to help keep the residual income flowing in!  Travel the world, make new friends, get new design ideas. Sounds like a good plan.

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