Digital nomad, remote worker, location independent, travelling freelancer (I think)  and now digital newmad.

The latest in a long line of words you can use to describe yourself if you are a free-spirited, wild-eyed loner standing at the gates of oblivion, ready to hitch a ride on the last freedom moped out of nowhere city without even telling your parents what time you’re coming home*.
Cheers, Rik.

Yes. You’ve decided to quit working for the analogue ‘man’ and would rather start working for yourself, the digital nomad man/woman/non-binary. Now is your time! So just go out and do it! Go, now. Just Do It!

It Ain’t Easy.

Wait, what? Fair enough. It might not be all that straightforward to get out there and just ‘BLAM’ you’re a successful digital nomad living the life of your dreams, churning out designs on a beach (sandy laptop? Not for me.) whilst sipping an ice-cold beverage of choice. I’d love to be able to tell you that just by reading this website and PayPal-ing me $49.99 I could teach you the foolproof secrets to a successful life on the road (I would need at least $100 for that!) but I can’t. I highly doubt anyone can.

In my mind, it seems like the majority of content hidden behind paywalls and banners reading ‘Become A Digital Nomad With Our Course – Only $486’ would consist of stellar advice like ‘work hard’, ‘don’t spend too much money’ and ‘Julio Dominquez made $1232457 an hour using this trick, want to know more? Click here!’. In conclusion, in my opinion, they’re crap.

For me, that’s not how this should work. I have been, have lived with and have met some pretty cosmic digital nomads that have shared some tips and advice with me over a pint or two. I rather think that’s the way it should be. Let’s all be nice and help each other out yeah?

digital nomads of the world – unite and take over.

With that in mind, I welcome you to the new look Digital Nomad Jobs website. Here you will find ideas, hints, help and tips, designed to make your transition into digital nomad life that little bit easier. All content on this website is free (obviously, I mean, come on, have you read it?) and will be updated at least 3 times a week. This will continue until either :
a. I become incredibly successful, which in turn goes to my head and makes me an arrogant git with ideas above my station.
b.  I get bored.

So at least for 3 weeks either way!. Although, not from next Wednesday (14th) till the Wednesday after. I am returning to my homeland after 4 years away. It might get messy!

What’s it all about? They scream and shout.

If you are new to the site you should probably know that I try to do things a little differently. I suppose you couldn’t really call this your normal digital nomad website, which is great because I don’t want it to be. Have you seen how generic everything is these days? Cripes, I mean, making money by copy and pasting other pages must be nice but surely you get bored? Where’s the creativity?

I try to bypass the boredom part, well, I bypass the money part as well but that’s neither here nor there. Digital nomad jobs is basically a rather eclectic mixture of music, links, news and information all entwined with my own, unique, er, charm, that I think will help you enjoy your life a little bit more and offer you some pretty solid advice.

Ch-Check It Out.

Be sure to check out our ‘Digital Nomad Jobs’ page for ideas on ways to earn a crust and to admire my amazingly accurate and detailed hand-drawn works of art. Then visit ‘Finding Work Online’ to, er, find work online. If you want to learn a little bit more about digital nomad life head to ‘More Nomad News From Nowhere’ where you will find 20 odd issues of our bi-weekly newsletter rounding up all the latest and greatest articles from around the world relating to all things nomad. ‘On The Road’ has articles relating to life, surprisingly, on the road and our ‘Destinations’ section might give you a few hints on where to visit. The ‘Essential Kit’ page is where you will find all you need to stay on top of life whilst looking cosmic and is currently undergoing an extensive revamp so be sure to check back soon. Finally, my ‘DNJS Tip-Toppest Clicks’ page has been completely revised and whilst currently a little sparse will soon be full of amazingly fantastic things to inspire you. The first one is

Anyway, cheers. Good luck to you, feel free to get in touch any way you would like to. Speak to you soon.


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