DNJS Tip-Toppest Clicks

Inspiration comes in all forms. For me, it mainly comes as a link or a cat. Listed below are some of the best, tip top sites available for you in a variety of categories. Hopefully, you find something you like!
Inspired yet?

Cook some storming vegetarian food with the help of twig boy and occasional special guests over at www.twig-boy.com

If all of that delicious vegetarian food has opened your eyes to a meat-free future have a look at otheradventures.net for all of your vegan t-shirt needs.

Also, and I’m not overly proud of this one. If you think you would like to lose weight or just get a bit more in shape(we love you no matter what size you are) have a look at The Ultimate Weight Loss Calculator. Again, I’m not proud but a boy and his cat have got to eat (or not, the calculator will tell me) right?

Digital Nomad.
I like these guys, I think you will too. If you get the chance to meet up for a beer with them you 100% should! Westfalia Digital Nomads.

If I earnt enough money to worry about, well, money, or tax and was actually a resident anywhere (I really should sort that out) I would take my advice from (I gotta assume a name here) Grace from Gracefully Expat.

The Friendly Vegans Around The World Trip. 

This is cheating a little bit because it’s mine but I like it and it would be too much of a long and tedious process breaking it all down so have a flick through the ‘Nomad News From Nowhere’. It has pictures of cats! Well, a cat. My cat.


This list will be continuously updated. Please get in touch if you have anything you feel would make a solid addition.


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