Destinations Budapest, Hungary

Where to stay?
Airbnb is your friend in Budapest, the options are practically endless and suit all budgets, I spent a month in a wonderful apartment that’ll I’ll link to. Should you only be visiting for a few days then a hostel might be your best bet, again, the options are plentiful and you can find some nice places in great locations.

What to see?
I’m a big Columbo/Peter Falk fan, so are (some) Hungarians. With that in mind it seems pretty fair to me that you can go and visit Falk Miksa and find a statue of the great man himself (dog included). It is rather surreal but pretty flipping great! Should amazing television detectives not be your cup of tea there are plenty of other sites to enjoy.

Budapest zoo is fantastic and very cheap, it has a huge amount to see and can easily take up a whole day of your visit. Margit Szigit and its free mini zoo is a wonderful place to laze on a sunny afternoon with an ice cream or beer. Heroes square offers a unique slice of Hungarian grandeur and architecture. Fisherman’s Bastion is well worth the walk over the bridge to Buda. If it’s raining and you like to shop have a look at West End shopping next to Nyugati statio it’s huge, has hundreds of shops and a food court for lunch and of course the Danube dissects the city offering brilliant views all along it’s banks.

Basically, it’s pretty brilliant.

Where to eat?
With over 1500 restaurants you’re not likely to go hungry (I’m not doing the joke) in Budapest. You can find world cuisine on almost every street in the centre at affordable prices. You’ll find everything from Chinese to Mexican and everything in between if you look hard enough. I ate a lot of burgers in Hungary. Over the few months I was there it was a lot of burgers and Arany Ászok. It was a good time. This good time was had mainly at beer and burger, which is exactly what you would expect from the name and more. Other highlights included the thai chilli wok bar off of
Szent István körút, Punjab Tandoori also just off Szent István körút and the Slang pub which is just down the road from beer and burger.

Where to drink?
Try the ruin bars, wrap up warm in the winter as they can be pretty chilly and beware the toilet attendants! Szimpla is probably the best known of all the ruin bars and is usually quite busy at night. It’s well worth a look in the day though and is reasonably priced and pretty hip. Other bars that are, in my opinion better than szimpla include: Dzzs, Ellato Kert, Anker’t and Koleves (the outdoor bit).

Farm is great for a glass of wine and some tapas, Toth Kocsma is on Falk Miska and is brilliant. Sport lovers should find Pointers it’s full of litres of beer, big screen TVs showing sport and pizza. The Public pub is a must for all craft beer lovers out there. Helevica is on the street I stayed on (Eötvös utca) and is cheap and friendly. There are also countless cafes offering afternoon tea and cakes which look amazing and is probably a little bit more civilized.

Top tip.
Visit Columbo. Just go to Budapest, it’s wicked.

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