So, what is a digital nomad anyway?

So, what is a digital nomad anyway? Simply put, a digital nomad is a person who travels at will (usually frequently) while relying on technology (laptops and the internet) to complete enough work to make their desired income. These people are almost exclusively business owners or freelance contractors, with a few “satellite employees” who are able to fit the requirements. This lifestyle has been characterized by images of tan people sitting on the beach, sipping a mai tai as they work on … Continue reading

What Type of Digital Nomad Are You?

To a large degree, your travel style will dictate the kit that you need to pack for your travels. If you’re staying in a luxurious Thai resort hotel for a couple of months, you can probably bring five pairs of shoes and your shiny new macbook without too much trouble – less so if you’re spending six months backpacking through rural India. If you prefer to keep moving, changing locations every few days and using public transport, you’ll want a … Continue reading

A Digital Nomad in the Artificial Savannah

A Digital Nomad in the Artificial Savannah “Folks, it looks like there’s a communications instrument malfunction on the plane. It doesn’t affect the flight of the plane, but it is required to talk to air traffic control. We have to replace the part before we can take off. We apologize for the inconvenience.” A collective groan rises from cabin. Passengers grumble about schedules and missed connections. But nothing will change the fact that this plane is not taking off on … Continue reading

On the Road and On the Web: The Life of a Digital Nomad

No 9-5. No office. The freedom to hit the road whenever the spirit calls. To most people, the life of a digital nomad seems ideal. Nearly everyone yearns for the opportunity to travel, with all its adventure and fulfillment, but many people feel they lack the time and resources to make travel a constant part of their lives. It’s much more common to find people working hard at a typical job – pushing through the daily grind, working for the … Continue reading

Digital Nomadism – a brief intro.

Ever been in a position when you just wanted to tell your boss to shove it up his arse and storm out of the building, never to be seen again? Have you ever dreamed of working while traveling and setting up your office wherever you find yourself?  Have you ever dreamed of becoming a digital nomad? Most people have this misconception that digital nomads are nothing but glorified backpackers. Although a good fraction of digital nomads are, in fact, glorified … Continue reading