Digital Nomad Jobs – Become a clothing mogul

Digital Nomad Jobs – Clothing design mogul How to become an online clothing design mogul. Thanks to companies such as printful, designing and selling your own products online has never been easier. Do a design, advertise a design, sell a design. Simple, well, pretty simple at least. Setting up an online shop can be quite a daunting experience but thankfully, we have already covered that topic in detail. You can find all of that information at the link below, then … Continue reading

Time to become a digital nomad?

Ever felt like the world is telling you that maybe it’s time to try something new? Have any major political events between say (entirely random dates) June 23rd and November 11th made you think of greener fields in far off lands? Ever wanted to see the world whilst it’s still mainly accessible and still mostly in one piece? If that’s the case, never fear, there is a fantastic option for you. Become a Digital Nomad! Don’t sit around waiting for … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Your Destinations

  Digital Nomads of the world, where are you currently? Is it somewhere you would recommend others to see? Or is it somewhere you don’t think is up to much? Share your experiences either in the comments below or by sending us a quick run down of the pros and cons of your favourite/least favourite places. Where and what to eat? What to drink? What to see? Where to stay. Include a few details about yourself and we will … Continue reading

Learn a new skill, save some money

Becoming a Digital Nomad isn’t necessarily easy, but it also doesn’t have to be unduly difficult. If you are looking to make the Nomad leap and aren’t sure what to do, why not check out the great offers available at Currently offering great deals on courses in web developing and coding you can learn the skills you may need on your Digital Nomad journey. For a limited time only you can take advantage of a unique deal offering you … Continue reading

Digital No-mates?

Digital No-mates? Leaving your tedious, dull job behind you to travel the world can give you a great sense of excitement and freedom, the world is your oyster, every step a new adventure, a new chapter of your story, the best days of your life. It can be all of these hideous, sickly sweet phrases and more but it can also be a bit lonely. If you are a solo Digital Nomad, chances are they may be times when you … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Proofreader

Digital Nomad Jobs – Proofreader How to become a proofreader. If you enjoy reading, the correct use of the English language and telling people when they are wrong why not try proofreading? A proofreader is someone who reads, checks and corrects written text before it is published or printed. In order to become a successful proofreader there are several skills you must posses with the main being the ability to read! More specifically you need to love reading and maintain … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Apps – Accomodation

Digital Nomad Apps Accommodation apps. If you’ve got where you are going it’s always good to have somewhere to stay. Whether you are digital nomading in style or on less of a budget there is sure to be an app designed to help you out. Comprehensive search engines. Useful for those on all budgets but will include options aimed at the digital nomad with deeper pockets (not me). – A great app to start with offering you the chance … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Copywriter

Digital Nomad Jobs – Copywriter How to become a copywriter. If you want to live the digital nomad lifestyle and have a passion for writing why not consider copywriting as a career? If done correctly you can make an extremely decent living whilst doing something you love anywhere in the world you want. Sounds good to me. What is a copywriter? What do you need to become a successful copywriter? Well an interest in writing is a given, as … Continue reading

Destinations: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia. What to see? Simply put Ljubljana is a beautiful city. The architecture is fantastic and the natural views from the castle are wonderful. If you are feeling like a cultural experience then you must take the time to venture around the picturesque old town. Filled with quaint shops , varied restaurants and sight seeing options galore, there is sure to be something for everyone. If bridges are more of your thing(?) make sure you find the Dragon Bridge … Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Freelancing

You don’t have to be a freelancer to be a digital nomad, but freelancing is one of the most popular options for location independent working. Here’s a brief look at some of the pros and cons of starting a freelance business. Pro: Freedom! Monday morning and you fancy a day off? Not really a problem for the seasoned freelancer, providing you have no pending deadlines why not just not push the power button on the computer and go to the … Continue reading