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I would like to thank Digital Nomad Jobs for publishing this article. Their site is a fantastic place to find practical tips and trips to create the life of your dreams. After reading this, be sure to check out their post on what it really means to be a digital nomad. Being a digital nomad comes with uncountable benefits: you’re free, you can travel wherever you want, and you’re in control of your work. However, one major drawback to this … Continue reading

New Year, New (digital) Nomads

Happy New Year! Is there a better way to begin it then by planning your next or even first Digital Nomad adventures? Whether you are an experienced digital nomad or a fresh, young digital newmad(?) it never hurts to have a quick look at some of the handy sites and tools designed to make your nomad life that little bit easier. All of the topics below are covered in greater detail throughout the site – feel free to explore! So to … Continue reading

Digital Nomads – Afraid to Fly Solo?

Leaving your friends, family and home town behind to travel the world alone can be a big step for many potential digital nomads, big enough even to put some off going at all. Travelling alone might not sound like your ideal idea of fun but fortunately you’re not the first digital nomad to feel this way! Your predecessors with their computer savvy skills and clever business acumen have created many ways for you to travel the world and meet like-minded … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Learning the lingo

  Digital Nomad Jobs – Learning the local lingo Whilst you can digitally nomad your way around the world not speaking any language other than your own, you might (probably most definitely will) find it a more rewarding experience knowing at least a little bit of the local language. There are many ways you can go about learning a few words or phrases to get you by but one of the best I’ve come across lately is italki. The service … Continue reading

Nomad Apps – What to do?

Digital Nomad Apps What to see? Apps. Hopefully by now you have looked, booked and arrived at your destination, sure you have work to do but let’s have some fun first yeah? Trouble is, what do you do? Maybe you are a really well organised and disciplined Digital Nomad that has spent the flight pouring over travel guides, listening to travellers podcasts and mapping out your itinerary with military precision. If not, no worries, you’re just like the rest of us, … Continue reading

Digital No-mates?

Digital No-mates? Leaving your tedious, dull job behind you to travel the world can give you a great sense of excitement and freedom, the world is your oyster, every step a new adventure, a new chapter of your story, the best days of your life. It can be all of these hideous, sickly sweet phrases and more but it can also be a bit lonely. If you are a solo Digital Nomad, chances are they may be times when you … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Analogue Nomad

Digital Nomad Jobs – Jobs for the digital nomad gone analogue. Whilst Digital Nomading is all well and good you may come to a point on your travels when you decide to get out there and try to earn some extra pocket-money interacting with real people. Proper flesh and blood people, not pixellated people, pretty scary? Not at all, here is a brief list of on the road analogue nomad jobs you can do anywhere in the world. Musician/busker – … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Gadgets – Tablets

Digital Nomad Gadgets – Tablets If you can get away without carrying a laptop with you why not? If you don’t need one don’t take one. You might be able to use a tablet to the same effect, which are easier to carry, less to worry about and far more convenient. Tablet computers are ideal for the nomad that works in a less high-end computer based role, think more e-book author or blogger than graphic designer – small in size and often … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Gadgets

Tom’s guide to the best Digital Nomad Gadgets! Laptops. If you’ve quit the day job, booked your flights and packed your socks, relax. The hard work is almost done. Now it’s time to think about the electronic luxuries that can make your digital nomading adventures that little bit more comfortable and enjoyable. These digital nomad gadgets can offer you everything from communication with the rest of the world, to access to work, to pure and simple entertainment. They can also … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Apps – Accomodation

Digital Nomad Apps Accommodation apps. If you’ve got where you are going it’s always good to have somewhere to stay. Whether you are digital nomading in style or on less of a budget there is sure to be an app designed to help you out. Comprehensive search engines. Useful for those on all budgets but will include options aimed at the digital nomad with deeper pockets (not me). – A great app to start with offering you the chance … Continue reading

Digital Nomads – Nomad Apps

Digital Nomads – Nomad Apps Ground control to nomad Tom. Commencing travelling, rucksack on.. That’s pretty lame, I’m aware, I just needed something to start me off writing about useful apps for the Digital Nomad. Given that the majority of people now own smartphones and tablets it’s pretty easy to create and carry your own ground control with you all over the world. Over the next few posts I will be trying to put together a (semi) comprehensive list offering … Continue reading

Digital Nomad – Stay Healthy Whilst Travelling

Digital Nomad Travel – Staying healthy. Becoming ill on the road can quickly become a nightmare, language barriers and different medical practices can easily make it difficult to receive treatment. Whilst you can never guarantee that you won’t fall ill there are several steps you can take to give yourself the best chance of not. Before you go Ensure that you have done some research on your destination. Read up on any current medical situations and try to find info … Continue reading

Digital Nomads – Stay Safe

Digital Nomads – Stay Safe Abroad Digital Nomading around the world should be an exciting, rewarding and safe experience. It usually is and I hope that you never have to worry but unfortunately there are some not very nice people in the world. I’m not saying that everyone is out to cause you trouble but there are some simple steps you can follow to help stay safe. Before you go Check for alerts and warnings relevant to your destination. Check … Continue reading

Learning the Lingo

Moving to a foreign country can be a pretty daunting prospect, from finding somewhere to stay and sleep to ordering yourself a beer at the bar, things can get pretty confusing, pretty quickly. Therefore many people will take the opportunity to at least attempt to learn some of the local lingo. The length of your trip will most likely play a part in deciding wether you will learn the language or not, a long weekend in Prague probably isn’t worth … Continue reading

Digital Nomads: Help Exchange

For many potential digital nomads, two of the main concerns can be food and shelter. Fortunately, help exchange can be a great way to alleviate these worries. These programs provide you with the chance to see countries at an incredibly low cost whilst still giving you time to explore the surrounding area, plan how to make money online or write your best selling eBook. The basic idea of help exchange is that you are willing to give up a few … Continue reading

World Nomads Travel Insurance

Travel insurance from is available to people from over 140 countries and is designed for adventurous travellers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities. With travel insurance from you can: Buy online while travelling or away from home Extend and claim online Cover your adventure, including a range of sports and adventure activities Buy worldwide cover from specialist travel insurers, built for independent travellers from over 140 countries Give a … Continue reading

Tom’s Digital Nomad Packing Guide

Tom’s thoughts on packing as a digital nomad. (A sock-lovers guide) Packing as a digital nomad can be a confusing matter, do you travel light and rely on finding places to wash your clothes and buy your toiletries, or do you cram it all in and end up lugging a mountain of possessions all over the world? There really isn’t a conclusive answer, it’s all down to personal preference after all but it can be easier to decide with a … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Insurance

As an aspiring digital nomad it’s a good idea find yourself a reputable and comprehensive insurance package. Obviously, the type of package you ultimately go for is going to be relative to the type of traveling you wish to do, where you fancy going and unfortunately how old you are. For instance, long stays in one country will often work out cheaper than 3 months hopping around Europe and a worldwide jaunt excluding America will usually be cheaper than a … Continue reading

Start Today

Start today. Do you want to be a digital nomad? Would you like to see the world whilst forging a successful online career? Can you imagine living a life that, just a few decades ago, was only accessible to millionaires? If so, why are you still sat at home? The digital nomad lifestyle is by no means easy, but if you’re willing to work hard it is totally achievable – even if you don’t possess a skill that initially lends … Continue reading

Choosing the perfect bag

Somewhere to keep all your worldly goods! Every traveler needs a decent bag – after all you’re carrying your home on your back! Although what kind of bag you need will depend very much on what kind of digital nomad you are, there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re constantly on the move.If you’re a frequent flyer and happy to travel light, make sure your bag fits within the cabin limits – this is crucially important … Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Fast Travel

Fast Travel – Move every few days or weeks! Pros The thrill of the ride! There is nothing more incredible than waking up in a different place every week. Although it can be incredibly tiring, taking some time away from the computer for a whirlwind tour of amazing cultures and exotic locations is exhilarating, challenging and inspiring. Backpacker culture. Being on the road is an amazing way to make friends from all over the world. Nothing brings people together like … Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Slow Travel

Slow Travel – Spend 2 – 6 months (or more!) at a time in each location Pros You’ll probably rent an apartment, which means that you may feel more ‘at home’ whilst you’re there. (Whether this is a good thing or not varies per person!) It’s a lot cheaper! You can negotiate far better discounts on accommodation if you stay for a few weeks or months at a time. Because you’ll get to know the location better, you’ll find cheaper … Continue reading

What Type of Digital Nomad Are You?

To a large degree, your travel style will dictate the kit that you need to pack for your travels. If you’re staying in a luxurious Thai resort hotel for a couple of months, you can probably bring five pairs of shoes and your shiny new macbook without too much trouble – less so if you’re spending six months backpacking through rural India. If you prefer to keep moving, changing locations every few days and using public transport, you’ll want a … Continue reading

Do you really need that stuff?

If you’re at home right now, look around you. Can you pick five of your possessions that really, really make you happy? Things that fill you with glee every time you recall the fact that you own them? No? Me neither. (If you can, good for you! Feel free to keep purchasing stuff and feel your happiness grow.) I believe that stuff is just, well, stuff. It shouldn’t be the most important thing in your life. If you’re working 40+ … Continue reading