Digital Nomad Essential Kit: Appsolutely fabulous. The best apps for all digital nomads. Part 3.

Digital Nomad Essential Kit – Appsolutely fabulous. Part 3. Welcome to part 3 of the ‘appening’. Another chance for you to (hopefully) discover some thing new and exciting to help make your digital nomad adventures easier. Or more fun. Or even just less dull. Basically it will help you pass some time somewhere. Pretty Streets – Sometimes you just want to go for a nice walk on a pretty street. Get Pretty Streets and you can. LuckyTrip – If you’ve got the money … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Essential Kit: Appsolutely fabulous*. The best apps for all digital nomads. Part 1.

*That’s bad. Sorry. I am in a ”loud neighbor that parties hard until 4 am and a cat that likes to sing at 5:30 am lack of sleep comatose”. It’s been like this for 4 days now. Pray for my sleep salvation. Digital Nomad Essential Kit: Appsolutely fabulous. Part 1. Strap yourselves in kids. It’s time for the first part of another mildly epic series of posts designed to help you get the best out of life on the digital … Continue reading

Digital Nomads: Nomad in health

Digital Nomads – Stay Healthy N.B. I am obviously not a doctor or medically trained in any way, in fact, I frequently catch colds, have many aches and pains and am something of a hypochondriac (I hope!?). Still, just because I rarely follow my own, or anyones good advice doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a look. Travelling and illness don’t really go all that well together. In fact, it’s something of a nightmare getting ill on the road. Language barriers, … Continue reading

Digital Nomads: Nomad in safety.

Digital Nomads – Safety First N.B. I am obviously not a trained safety or security man. The main qualification I possess in regards to safety and security is that my friend is friends with a former presidents bodyguard. The fact that said president got shot on his watch may or may not alter how you view this advice. Digital nomading is good fun, make sure it’s good, safe fun by following these handy tips. Whilst you are still analogue: Planning … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs: Have you seen our house*?

*I like the song. Digital Nomad Jobs – House Sit If you’ve decided that you’d like to save money on accommodation whilst travelling but don’t really like the idea of helping others*, there is another way. Consider house sitting. I was always rather dubious about the whole concept of house sitting. I’d heard people say they were doing it for friends and family and watched them move out of their own (smaller, less well equipped, rubbish-er) house** into veritable palaces. … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs: How much does it cost?

It would be great if everyone had lots of money, money enough to go where they want, when they want and how they want. I haven’t, you might not. Thankfully you don’t need all of the money to become a digital nomad. There are plenty of resources out there to help you plan your trip and budget accordingly, below are a select few links that offer pretty decent advice on costs, helping you get the most out of your travels. … Continue reading

Digital No-mates? No problem.

Digital No-mates? Leaving your tedious, dull job behind you to travel the world can give you a great sense of excitement and freedom, the world is your oyster, every step a new adventure, a new chapter of your story, the best days of your life. It can be all of these hideous, sickly sweet phrases and more but it can also be a bit lonely. If you are a solo Digital Nomad, chances are they may be times when you … Continue reading

How to receive mail whilst travelling.

A problem that we’ve often run into during our travels is how to get post delivered when we’re on the road – whether it’s important documents of some kind (banking, insurance etc) or a gift from a friend. So, what’s a digital nomad to do? Here are some solutions that we’ve found that may help you receive mail whilst travelling with a minimum of fuss. Take advantage of your friends and family! Even if most of your mates are also … Continue reading

Stuck on a tough decision?

Where to go next? Should you take that remote job or start your own business? Which backpack should you buy? Should you take the train or fly? Whilst being a digital nomad is usually a pretty cosmic existence, there can be times when you need to make tough decisions. Where to go next, what to take, what not to take, where to eat, where to stay. Basically all the where, hows, whens and whats. Thankfully, a friend of the site … Continue reading