How to get hired on Upwork

If you decided to give Upwork a shot after reading about my experiences as an Upworker , here are some handy hints to give you the best chance of getting hired! (Lots of these are also relevant if you participate on other freelance job websites too!) Upwork – how to be successful! Make sure your profile is complete and up to date – get all your best work out there for potential clients to see! Try to write honestly and engagingly about yourself … Continue reading

Building the perfect oDesk profile.

How to stand out from the crowd on oDesk! As a digital nomad freelancing their way around the world, you may decide to use oDesk as a source of employment. To do this successfully you will first need a profile to help you beat the crowds and get the jobs that you want. Fortunately, oDesk make this process pretty easy – here are a few tips to help your profile outshine the others. 1. Your display name. As simple as … Continue reading