New Year, New (digital) Nomads

Happy New Year! Is there a better way to begin it then by planning your next or even first Digital Nomad adventures? Whether you are an experienced digital nomad or a fresh, young digital newmad(?) it never hurts to have a quick look at some of the handy sites and tools designed to make your nomad life that little bit easier. All of the topics below are covered in greater detail throughout the site – feel free to explore! So to … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Where to find freelance work?

Digital Nomad Jobs – Where to find work online? Finding (good) freelance digital nomad jobs online is not as straight forward as you may think, whilst there is a massive amount of work available, there are even more freelancers going for the same jobs. Fortunately there are ever-increasing numbers of sites online offering work for freelancers, listed below are several of the biggest, a few of the more obscure and some specialist sites. Why not try setting up a (copy … Continue reading

How to get hired on Upwork

If you decided to give Upwork a shot after reading about my experiences as an Upworker , here are some handy hints to give you the best chance of getting hired! (Lots of these are also relevant if you participate on other freelance job websites too!) Upwork – how to be successful! Make sure your profile is complete and up to date – get all your best work out there for potential clients to see! Try to write honestly and engagingly about yourself … Continue reading

Freelancing online with Upwork

Freelancing online with Upwork So, you’ve decided which digital nomad job is right for you – now what? Where are you going to find those clients that will fund your life of travel? Well, the good news is you have plenty of choice! Here’s a brief summary of my experience freelancing with – a major freelancing website, popular all over the world with both freelancers and clients. Upwork Upwork has a bit of a reputation for bottom feeding freelancers willing … Continue reading

How to be a great freelancer (and make your clients love you!)

Whether you’re a freelance programmer, writer, designer or anything in-between (and whether you’re a digital nomad or not) the key to success (and a reasonably steady income) is often long term repeat clients. But how do you make sure your clients keep coming back for more? Give a little extra. Now, I would never recommend working through the night or over the weekend at short notice, agreeing to unreasonable discounts to secure projects, or god forbid, working for free. However, … Continue reading

Building the perfect oDesk profile.

How to stand out from the crowd on oDesk! As a digital nomad freelancing their way around the world, you may decide to use oDesk as a source of employment. To do this successfully you will first need a profile to help you beat the crowds and get the jobs that you want. Fortunately, oDesk make this process pretty easy – here are a few tips to help your profile outshine the others. 1. Your display name. As simple as … Continue reading

Your Website

Whether you fund your digital nomad lifestyle through freelance graphic design, stock photography or any other online job, you’ll need a website to promote yourself and your talents to potential clients. Whilst you could potentially get away with just having great profiles set up on the freelancing websites such as oDesk (if that’s appropriate for your chosen online profession), it’s still always useful to have a website to increase your online presence. Domain names First of all, you need a … Continue reading

Residual income – the digital nomad dream!

Ah, residual income. The best kind of income! What could be better than traveling the world without having to worry about work, sipping mojitos as the money rolls in. There are a few different approaches to creating residual income, and all of them require a great deal of hard work initially – but if you’re willing to put the hours in to get your great money making scheme set up the rewards can be huge! Let’s look at some of … Continue reading