Digital Nomad Jobs – Edinburgh, St Andrews and Beyond (the Airport).

Wotcher digital nomads, happy Tuesday to you all. Regular readers (hey Mowgs) will know that I recently went to visit the wonderful JM Cooper (she’s incredibly good at things. For real, she’s a genlus*! If you would like to be incredibly good at freelancing you should buy her book) in Scotland. It was cosmic. Scotland is pretty wizard really. You can tell it’s good because I am resurrecting a long time dead feature in its honour**. It’s a destination! *Genlus is … Continue reading

Tell Us Your Favourite Destinations!

Digital Nomads of the world, where are you currently? Is it somewhere you would recommend others to see? Or is it somewhere you don’t think is up to much? Share your experiences either in the comments below or by sending us a quick run down of the pros and cons of your favourite/least favourite places. Where and what to eat? What to drink? What to see? Where to stay? Include a few details about yourself and we will happily … Continue reading

Destinations: Porto, Portugal

Where to stay? Porto has hotels, lots of hotels. Porto also has hostels, lots of hostels. Porto has short-term rental properties, lots of short-term rental apartments. Etc,etc. Basically, whatever you need you will more than likely be able to find in Porto. A hotel in the center of the city is recommended but there are lots of options depending on if you want city life or a few days by the sea. Have a look at the usual accommodation sites … Continue reading

Destinations: Tomar, Portugal

Destinations: Tomar, Portugal Where to stay? For an affordable and comfortable stay in Tomar, look out for the  2* Hotel Kamanga. A twin/double room costs as little as €40 a night and that includes a rather plentiful continental breakfast. Rooms in the Kamanga are fitted with en-suite facilities, have cable television and offer internet access. It’s clean and comfortable, and there is a lift for guests should you find yourself on the higher floors. The hotel is located in the centre of town … Continue reading

Destinations: Brno, Czech Republic

  Brno, Czech Republic. What to see? Brno is a fantastic city, it’s definitely one of my personal favourites. There is plenty to see and do and I am sure something can be found for all tastes. A few highlights for me included visiting the bell tower of  the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul when the bells rang. It offers fantastic views, precariously small balconies and a really ear ringing treat. Needs to be heard to be believed … Continue reading

Destinations: Budapest, Hungary

Destinations Budapest, Hungary Where to stay? Airbnb is your friend in Budapest, the options are practically endless and suit all budgets, I spent a month in a wonderful apartment that’ll I’ll link to. Should you only be visiting for a few days then a hostel might be your best bet, again, the options are plentiful and you can find some nice places in great locations. What to see? I’m a big Columbo/Peter Falk fan, so are (some) Hungarians. With … Continue reading

Destinations: Veröce, Hungary

Veröce, Hungary. What to see? Veröce is a village located about 45 minutes outside of Budapest. It’s a picturesque place with great views of the mountains and unparalleled, stunning views of the Danube river. Two short trains ride away are the beautiful towns of Vác and Visegrád. These towns are both amazingly cosmic and have great museums, views, bars and restaurants. Should you be after something a little more athletic there are horse riding facilities, cycling rentals and various water … Continue reading

Destinations: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia. What to see? Simply put Ljubljana is a beautiful city. The architecture is fantastic and the natural views from the castle are wonderful. If you are feeling like a cultural experience then you must take the time to venture around the picturesque old town. Filled with quaint shops , varied restaurants and sight seeing options galore, there is sure to be something for everyone. If bridges are more of your thing(?) make sure you find the Dragon Bridge … Continue reading

Destinations: Venice, Italy

What to see? Pretty obvious choice really, it’s going to have to be the canals. I’m not really one for canals, I’m pretty sure Birmingham has more canals then Venice. I used to live there and never once opted for a romantic walk down the Coventry canal tow path if I’m honest. Venice is probably slightly more scenic then Birmingham and there are countless bridges and buildings to look at if that’s your deal? The architecture and mysterious passage ways … Continue reading

Destinations: Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, Spain.* ** Revision I went to Ibiza again, it was cool. We stayed in another family home in Santa Eularia des Riu and I had a great time, the local area is beautiful, well priced and a lot of fun. What to see? Beautiful people sunning themselves and drinking drinks you can afford if you somehow manage to sell a body part whilst there. Seriously though, Ibiza is a beautiful island with some great beaches and fantastic views, it’s … Continue reading