Digital Nomad Jobs – Become a clothing mogul

Digital Nomad Jobs – Clothing design mogul How to become an online clothing design mogul. Thanks to companies such as printful, designing and selling your own products online has never been easier. Do a design, advertise a design, sell a design. Simple, well, pretty simple at least. Setting up an online shop can be quite a daunting experience but thankfully, we have already covered that topic in detail. You can find all of that information at the link below, then … Continue reading

Time to become a digital nomad?

Ever felt like the world is telling you that maybe it’s time to try something new? Have any major political events between say (entirely random dates) June 23rd and November 11th made you think of greener fields in far off lands? Ever wanted to see the world whilst it’s still mainly accessible and still mostly in one piece? If that’s the case, never fear, there is a fantastic option for you. Become a Digital Nomad! Don’t sit around waiting for … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Your Destinations

  Digital Nomads of the world, where are you currently? Is it somewhere you would recommend others to see? Or is it somewhere you don’t think is up to much? Share your experiences either in the comments below or by sending us a quick run down of the pros and cons of your favourite/least favourite places. Where and what to eat? What to drink? What to see? Where to stay. Include a few details about yourself and we will … Continue reading

Destinations: Porto, Portugal

Destinations: Porto, Portugal Where to stay? Porto has hotels, lots of hotels. Porto also has hostels, lots of hostels. Porto has short-term rental properties, lots of short-term rental apartments. Etc,etc. Basically, whatever you need you will more than likely be able to find in Porto. A hotel in the center of the city is recommended but there are lots of options depending on if you want city life or a few days by the sea. Have a look at the … Continue reading

Guest Post: Sensible Ways to Protect Your Work in Any Country by Jess Signet


I would like to thank Digital Nomad Jobs for publishing this article. Their site is a fantastic place to find practical tips and trips to create the life of your dreams. After reading this, be sure to check out their post on what it really means to be a digital nomad. Being a digital nomad comes with uncountable benefits: you’re free, you can travel wherever you want, and you’re in control of your work. However, one major drawback to this … Continue reading

Destinations: Tomar, Portugal

Destinations: Tomar, Portugal Where to stay? For an affordable and comfortable stay in Tomar, look out for the  2* Hotel Kamanga. A twin/double room costs as little as €40 a night and that includes a rather plentiful continental breakfast. Rooms in the Kamanga are fitted with en-suite facilities, have cable television and offer internet access. It’s clean and comfortable, and there is a lift for guests should you find yourself on the higher floors. The hotel is located in the centre of town … Continue reading

New Year, New (digital) Nomads

Happy New Year! Is there a better way to begin it then by planning your next or even first Digital Nomad adventures? Whether you are an experienced digital nomad or a fresh, young digital newmad(?) it never hurts to have a quick look at some of the handy sites and tools designed to make your nomad life that little bit easier. All of the topics below are covered in greater detail throughout the site – feel free to explore! So to … Continue reading

So, what is a digital nomad anyway?

So, what is a digital nomad anyway? Simply put, a digital nomad is a person who travels at will (usually frequently) while relying on technology (laptops and the internet) to complete enough work to make their desired income. These people are almost exclusively business owners or freelance contractors, with a few “satellite employees” who are able to fit the requirements. This lifestyle has been characterized by images of tan people sitting on the beach, sipping a mai tai as they work on … Continue reading

Digital Nomads – Afraid to Fly Solo?

Leaving your friends, family and home town behind to travel the world alone can be a big step for many potential digital nomads, big enough even to put some off going at all. Travelling alone might not sound like your ideal idea of fun but fortunately you’re not the first digital nomad to feel this way! Your predecessors with their computer savvy skills and clever business acumen have created many ways for you to travel the world and meet like-minded … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – looking beyond the obvious

From making money with stock photography to starting a business consultancy, digital nomad jobs aren’t limited to web development and travel writing. There are plenty of ways to work online that will enable a location independent lifestyle – the question is, which one is right for you? Would you like to get paid to write or is graphic design more your thing? Perhaps you’re a good teacher and could do some online tutoring, or maybe you could sell your travel … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Learning the lingo

  Digital Nomad Jobs – Learning the local lingo Whilst you can digitally nomad your way around the world not speaking any language other than your own, you might (probably most definitely will) find it a more rewarding experience knowing at least a little bit of the local language. There are many ways you can go about learning a few words or phrases to get you by but one of the best I’ve come across lately is italki. The service … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Where to find freelance work?

Digital Nomad Jobs – Where to find work online? Finding (good) freelance digital nomad jobs online is not as straight forward as you may think, whilst there is a massive amount of work available, there are even more freelancers going for the same jobs. Fortunately there are ever-increasing numbers of sites online offering work for freelancers, listed below are several of the biggest, a few of the more obscure and some specialist sites. Why not try setting up a (copy … Continue reading

How to get hired on Upwork

If you decided to give Upwork a shot after reading about my experiences as an Upworker , here are some handy hints to give you the best chance of getting hired! (Lots of these are also relevant if you participate on other freelance job websites too!) Upwork – how to be successful! Make sure your profile is complete and up to date – get all your best work out there for potential clients to see! Try to write honestly and engagingly about yourself … Continue reading

Freelancing online with Upwork

Freelancing online with Upwork So, you’ve decided which digital nomad job is right for you – now what? Where are you going to find those clients that will fund your life of travel? Well, the good news is you have plenty of choice! Here’s a brief summary of my experience freelancing with – a major freelancing website, popular all over the world with both freelancers and clients. Upwork Upwork has a bit of a reputation for bottom feeding freelancers willing … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Contracts

Digital Nomad Jobs – Contracts As a freelance digital nomad it is pretty vital that you get paid. I’m sure that most of the people you work with will be genuine, nice, not horrible people but unfortunately, there’s always (at least) one. Therefore it is massively important that you have a proper contract in place before you start the job. Drawing up a contract can sound like a pretty intimidating process but I’m assured by people in the know that … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Building good client relationships

Digital Nomad Jobs – Building good client relationships. Building good relationships with clients is essential in all work environments, doing it over the internet from thousands of miles away is exactly the same, it can even be easier. A lot of these suggestions may seem like simple common sense but I’ve seen, heard and experienced people not doing them and have been baffled by the idiocy of the situation. Don’t be that idiot. Punctuality is key. If you say you’re … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Bad Clients and how to deal with them.

Digital Nomad Jobs – Bad clients and how to deal with them. Every digital nomad freelancer I’ve ever met has a story about a bad client. It could be the control freak client who needs to see everything you are doing every hour of the day, the vague, wispy client who doesn’t really know what they want but expects 5 different versions to look at or the guy that will definitely, absolutely get you paid work after that one free … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Vlogger

Digital Nomad Jobs – Vlogger How to become a vlogger *I’m taking it as a given that you have already got the required equipment here, if not, before you proceed please read the following points: Buy the required equipment Continue reading Film yourself/somewhere whilst talking about yourself/somewhere. Pretty straightforward stuff to be honest. I think I’m right in thinking there is a guy that plays computer games, talks about it and makes millions of pounds a year? That is quite … Continue reading

Nomad Apps – What to do?

Digital Nomad Apps What to see? Apps. Hopefully by now you have looked, booked and arrived at your destination, sure you have work to do but let’s have some fun first yeah? Trouble is, what do you do? Maybe you are a really well organised and disciplined Digital Nomad that has spent the flight pouring over travel guides, listening to travellers podcasts and mapping out your itinerary with military precision. If not, no worries, you’re just like the rest of us, … Continue reading

Learn a new skill, save some money

Becoming a Digital Nomad isn’t necessarily easy, but it also doesn’t have to be unduly difficult. If you are looking to make the Nomad leap and aren’t sure what to do, why not check out the great offers available at Currently offering great deals on courses in web developing and coding you can learn the skills you may need on your Digital Nomad journey. For a limited time only you can take advantage of a unique deal offering you … Continue reading

Digital No-mates?

Digital No-mates? Leaving your tedious, dull job behind you to travel the world can give you a great sense of excitement and freedom, the world is your oyster, every step a new adventure, a new chapter of your story, the best days of your life. It can be all of these hideous, sickly sweet phrases and more but it can also be a bit lonely. If you are a solo Digital Nomad, chances are they may be times when you … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Analogue Nomad

Digital Nomad Jobs – Jobs for the digital nomad gone analogue. Whilst Digital Nomading is all well and good you may come to a point on your travels when you decide to get out there and try to earn some extra pocket-money interacting with real people. Proper flesh and blood people, not pixellated people, pretty scary? Not at all, here is a brief list of on the road analogue nomad jobs you can do anywhere in the world. Musician/busker – … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Gadgets – Tablets

Digital Nomad Gadgets – Tablets If you can get away without carrying a laptop with you why not? If you don’t need one don’t take one. You might be able to use a tablet to the same effect, which are easier to carry, less to worry about and far more convenient. Tablet computers are ideal for the nomad that works in a less high-end computer based role, think more e-book author or blogger than graphic designer – small in size and often … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Gadgets

Tom’s guide to the best Digital Nomad Gadgets! Laptops. If you’ve quit the day job, booked your flights and packed your socks, relax. The hard work is almost done. Now it’s time to think about the electronic luxuries that can make your digital nomading adventures that little bit more comfortable and enjoyable. These digital nomad gadgets can offer you everything from communication with the rest of the world, to access to work, to pure and simple entertainment. They can also … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Animator

Digital Nomad Jobs – Animator How to become an online animator. Animators are responsible for some brilliant things. From cartoons to computer games some of my favourite things have come from people’s fingertips and if I could draw things other than stick men I’d definitely give it a go. So if you have the necessary skills required to bring drawings or computer designed ideas to life why not give it a go as freelance digital nomad animator? Animation is a … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Internet Researcher

Digital Nomad Jobs – Internet Researcher How to become an internet researcher. If you spend an inappropriate amount of time on-line, why not try combining that with a bit of work and become an internet researcher? Sounds easy and almost fun! An internet researcher does exactly what you think they do, researches things on the internet. This doesn’t just mean googling away for a few hours waiting for the money to pile up, there is a bit more to it … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Proofreader

Digital Nomad Jobs – Proofreader How to become a proofreader. If you enjoy reading, the correct use of the English language and telling people when they are wrong why not try proofreading? A proofreader is someone who reads, checks and corrects written text before it is published or printed. In order to become a successful proofreader there are several skills you must posses with the main being the ability to read! More specifically you need to love reading and maintain … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Apps – Accomodation

Digital Nomad Apps Accommodation apps. If you’ve got where you are going it’s always good to have somewhere to stay. Whether you are digital nomading in style or on less of a budget there is sure to be an app designed to help you out. Comprehensive search engines. Useful for those on all budgets but will include options aimed at the digital nomad with deeper pockets (not me). – A great app to start with offering you the chance … Continue reading

Digital Nomads – Nomad Apps

Digital Nomads – Nomad Apps Ground control to nomad Tom. Commencing travelling, rucksack on.. That’s pretty lame, I’m aware, I just needed something to start me off writing about useful apps for the Digital Nomad. Given that the majority of people now own smartphones and tablets it’s pretty easy to create and carry your own ground control with you all over the world. Over the next few posts I will be trying to put together a (semi) comprehensive list offering … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Transcriptionist/transcriber

Digital Nomad Jobs – Transcriptionist/transcriber How to become a freelance transcriptionist/transcriber *Please note, this guide is for general transcription/transcriber services only. Designed purely for the Digital Nomad on the road. I have no clue about foot pedals etc. *I’ll just be using the word transcriptionist from now on. That may not be the right word? Working from home or from anywhere on your digital nomad road trips as a transcriptionist is a great way to make money without any formal … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Copywriter

Digital Nomad Jobs – Copywriter How to become a copywriter. If you want to live the digital nomad lifestyle and have a passion for writing why not consider copywriting as a career? If done correctly you can make an extremely decent living whilst doing something you love anywhere in the world you want. Sounds good to me. What is a copywriter? What do you need to become a successful copywriter? Well an interest in writing is a given, as … Continue reading

Digital Nomad – Stay Healthy Whilst Travelling

Digital Nomad Travel – Staying healthy. Becoming ill on the road can quickly become a nightmare, language barriers and different medical practices can easily make it difficult to receive treatment. Whilst you can never guarantee that you won’t fall ill there are several steps you can take to give yourself the best chance of not. Before you go Ensure that you have done some research on your destination. Read up on any current medical situations and try to find info … Continue reading

Digital Nomads – Stay Safe

Digital Nomads – Stay Safe Abroad Digital Nomading around the world should be an exciting, rewarding and safe experience. It usually is and I hope that you never have to worry but unfortunately there are some not very nice people in the world. I’m not saying that everyone is out to cause you trouble but there are some simple steps you can follow to help stay safe. Before you go Check for alerts and warnings relevant to your destination. Check … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Run an on-line shop

Digital Nomad Jobs – On-line Shop Owner How to be an on-line shop owner? Open shop, sell product, make money? That’s pretty much it yeah? I thought so until I started looking into it a little bit more. Opening an on-line shop is an exciting prospect but also one with a lot of questions. The first and probably most important one is what are you going to sell? Figured that out? Good, now lets see, is it a physical product? … Continue reading

Pull along vs Rucksack?

Rucksack? Pull along? Anyone that wants to travel the world living the digital nomad lifestyle is probably going to want to take some sort of luggage with them, whether that’s a fleet of suitcases, a rucksack or simply a large handbag is up to each individual nomad. There are a few pitfalls to consider when looking at luggage. Is it big enough? Is it comfortable? Can I take it on an airplane? Do I look like an idiot?  All of … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Virtual Receptionist

Digital Nomad Jobs – Virtual Receptionist How to become a virtual receptionist If you are planning on living the Digital Nomad lifestyle and are not sure what sort of work you should do, why not try being a virtual receptionist for a while? The role of a virtual receptionist is to answer phone calls for various companies and deal with any issues that may arise. A good way to start on your path to virtual receptionist nirvana is to ask … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs: Affiliate Marketer

How to become an affiliate marketer! So what is an affiliate marketer? Wikipedia will tell you. For a successful career as an affiliate marketer you will need: The first thing you need is somewhere to promote the products and services you’re selling. There are many web hosting companies that will do the job – we use Bluehost – they’re cheap and reliable. When you have set up your site and decided what type of markets you wish to appeal to (research these carefully – you … Continue reading

Destinations: Brno, Czech Republic

  Brno, Czech Republic. What to see? Brno is a fantastic city, it’s definitely one of my personal favourites. There is plenty to see and do and I am sure something can be found for all tastes. A few highlights for me included visiting the bell tower of  the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul when the bells rang. It offers fantastic views, precariously small balconies and a really ear ringing treat. Needs to be heard to be believed … Continue reading

Destinations: Budapest, Hungary

Destinations Budapest, Hungary Where to stay? Airbnb is your friend in Budapest, the options are practically endless and suit all budgets, I spent a month in a wonderful apartment that’ll I’ll link to. Should you only be visiting for a few days then a hostel might be your best bet, again, the options are plentiful and you can find some nice places in great locations. What to see? I’m a big Columbo/Peter Falk fan, so are (some) Hungarians. With … Continue reading

Destinations: Veröce, Hungary

Veröce, Hungary. What to see? Veröce is a village located about 45 minutes outside of Budapest. It’s a picturesque place with great views of the mountains and unparalleled, stunning views of the Danube river. Two short trains ride away are the beautiful towns of Vác and Visegrád. These towns are both amazingly cosmic and have great museums, views, bars and restaurants. Should you be after something a little more athletic there are horse riding facilities, cycling rentals and various water … Continue reading

Destinations: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia. What to see? Simply put Ljubljana is a beautiful city. The architecture is fantastic and the natural views from the castle are wonderful. If you are feeling like a cultural experience then you must take the time to venture around the picturesque old town. Filled with quaint shops , varied restaurants and sight seeing options galore, there is sure to be something for everyone. If bridges are more of your thing(?) make sure you find the Dragon Bridge … Continue reading

Destinations: Venice, Italy

What to see? Pretty obvious choice really, it’s going to have to be the canals. I’m not really one for canals, I’m pretty sure Birmingham has more canals then Venice. I used to live there and never once opted for a romantic walk down the Coventry canal tow path if I’m honest. Venice is probably slightly more scenic then Birmingham and there are countless bridges and buildings to look at if that’s your deal? The architecture and mysterious passage ways … Continue reading

Destinations: Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, Spain.* ** Revision I went to Ibiza again, it was cool. We stayed in another family home in Santa Eularia des Riu and I had a great time, the local area is beautiful, well priced and a lot of fun. What to see? Beautiful people sunning themselves and drinking drinks you can afford if you somehow manage to sell a body part whilst there. Seriously though, Ibiza is a beautiful island with some great beaches and fantastic views, it’s … Continue reading

Destinations: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain What to See? The zoo. Definitely the zoo. Well, as long as you like zoos obviously. Barcelona zoo is a fantastic day out for all ages, there is so much to see and do that you really do need a whole day to explore and enjoy this brilliant place. The range of animals found at the zoo is very impressive, as is the space afforded to them and the living conditions. Tickets cost around 20 euros for an … Continue reading

Destinations: Guarda, Portugal

Guarda, Portugal. What to see? Guarda was founded by King Sancho 1 in 1199 and is the highest point in continental Portugal. It was a strategic city in terms of defence and carries much of its historical charm through to modern day. The main attraction in Guarda is Se-Catedral da Guarda. A beautiful example of a gothic, medieval cathedral. The cathedral is located centrally in the old town of Guarda and is surrounded by labyrinth like streets filled with bars, … Continue reading

Destinations: Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal What to see? Lisbon is a tourists dream, I’m pretty sure that there is something suitable for everyone. Whether it’s walking through the winding streets of Alfama, which I highly recommend, or taking a trip beneath the waves at the Oceanario De Lisboa, you are sure to find something to suit your mood. Lisbon is home to many stunning buildings and statues which give an impressive regal feel to this great city. Should you require a more sedate day out, I’ve … Continue reading

Destinations: Lagos, Portugal

Lagos, Portugal What to see? Lagos is a bustling town with many interesting things to see and do. I won’t try and sell you a grotto trip or a kayaking experience as you’ll get enough offers when you’re there! I will recommend a free day out: the cliff top walk. You can take as long as you like admiring the beautiful views out onto the Atlantic Ocean, the unique rock formations and the stunning flora and fauna. There are many … Continue reading

Learning the Lingo

Moving to a foreign country can be a pretty daunting prospect, from finding somewhere to stay and sleep to ordering yourself a beer at the bar, things can get pretty confusing, pretty quickly. Therefore many people will take the opportunity to at least attempt to learn some of the local lingo. The length of your trip will most likely play a part in deciding wether you will learn the language or not, a long weekend in Prague probably isn’t worth … Continue reading

Digital Nomads: Help Exchange

For many potential digital nomads, two of the main concerns can be food and shelter. Fortunately, help exchange can be a great way to alleviate these worries. These programs provide you with the chance to see countries at an incredibly low cost whilst still giving you time to explore the surrounding area, plan how to make money online or write your best selling eBook. The basic idea of help exchange is that you are willing to give up a few … Continue reading

Digital Product Creation

Digital Product Creation. What can you do as a digital nomad if you don’t wish to freelance? Can you make the lifestyle work for you? How can you make residual income? Why not consider creating a digital product? Digital product creation can be a great way to fund your travels and lifestyle. If you choose to take this path it’s probably a good idea to save, save and save a bit more before you set of on your adventures just … Continue reading

How to be a great freelancer (and make your clients love you!)

Whether you’re a freelance programmer, writer, designer or anything in-between (and whether you’re a digital nomad or not) the key to success (and a reasonably steady income) is often long term repeat clients. But how do you make sure your clients keep coming back for more? Give a little extra. Now, I would never recommend working through the night or over the weekend at short notice, agreeing to unreasonable discounts to secure projects, or god forbid, working for free. However, … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs: English as a foreign language teacher (EFL/ESL)

How to become an EFL teacher. For a successful career as an EFL teacher you will need: To become a successful EFL teacher, the aspiring digital nomad will firstly need a love of teaching and all that it entails. Your job will be to help people wanting to learn or improve their existing skills and knowledge of the English language. If you are an established teacher and you fancy a change of scene, or are considering a career in teaching … Continue reading

Building the perfect oDesk profile.

How to stand out from the crowd on oDesk! As a digital nomad freelancing their way around the world, you may decide to use oDesk as a source of employment. To do this successfully you will first need a profile to help you beat the crowds and get the jobs that you want. Fortunately, oDesk make this process pretty easy – here are a few tips to help your profile outshine the others. 1. Your display name. As simple as … Continue reading

World Nomads Travel Insurance

Travel insurance from is available to people from over 140 countries and is designed for adventurous travellers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities. With travel insurance from you can: Buy online while travelling or away from home Extend and claim online Cover your adventure, including a range of sports and adventure activities Buy worldwide cover from specialist travel insurers, built for independent travellers from over 140 countries Give a … Continue reading

Tom’s Digital Nomad Packing Guide

Tom’s thoughts on packing as a digital nomad. (A sock-lovers guide) Packing as a digital nomad can be a confusing matter, do you travel light and rely on finding places to wash your clothes and buy your toiletries, or do you cram it all in and end up lugging a mountain of possessions all over the world? There really isn’t a conclusive answer, it’s all down to personal preference after all but it can be easier to decide with a … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Insurance

As an aspiring digital nomad it’s a good idea find yourself a reputable and comprehensive insurance package. Obviously, the type of package you ultimately go for is going to be relative to the type of traveling you wish to do, where you fancy going and unfortunately how old you are. For instance, long stays in one country will often work out cheaper than 3 months hopping around Europe and a worldwide jaunt excluding America will usually be cheaper than a … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Web Developer

How to become a web developer. For a successful career as a web developer you will need: An interest in computers! As a web developer you will be responsible for building and maintaining websites, therefore it is essential that you have a passion for computing and programming. You’ll also need some knowledge of scripting languages (JavaScript, Perl, PHP, HTML, CSS etc). The successful web developer must possess strong communication skills as you will be originally discussing with clients what they … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Virtual Assistant

How to be an virtual assistant! The role of an online personal assistant is to free up your clients time by doing the tasks they do not want to, or can’t do themselves. It is a good start to have both office and/or clerical skills and a sound knowledge of the business world. As a virtual PA you may be responsible for tasks ranging from simple typing/transcribing work to creating and managing databases,research, administration, customer services, handling emails or phone … Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Freelancing

You don’t have to be a freelancer to be a digital nomad, but freelancing is one of the most popular options for location independent working. Here’s a brief look at some of the pros and cons of starting a freelance business. Pro: Freedom! Monday morning and you fancy a day off? Not really a problem for the seasoned freelancer, providing you have no pending deadlines why not just not push the power button on the computer and go to the … Continue reading

Start Today

Start today. Do you want to be a digital nomad? Would you like to see the world whilst forging a successful online career? Can you imagine living a life that, just a few decades ago, was only accessible to millionaires? If so, why are you still sat at home? The digital nomad lifestyle is by no means easy, but if you’re willing to work hard it is totally achievable – even if you don’t possess a skill that initially lends … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs: Online Translator

How to become an online translator! For a successful career as an online translator you will need: Language skills – knowledge of more than one language is obviously essential in this role! It is not just an ability to speak and read the languages that you require, you will also need an understanding of tone, usage, intention, slang and expression. Experience is key to starting a successful career as an online translator and a great way to get some is … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs: Web Designer

How to become a web designer! For a successful career as a web designer you will need: A sound understanding of internet programming and hopefully internet scripting. Working knowledge, or a willingness to learn how to use the main software required. The software favoured by many web designers is Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Web designers are responsible for the creation of all visual aspects of a website such as concept, layout, structure and design, therefore it is essential that you … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs: eBook Author

How to become an e-book author! For a successful career as an e-book author you will need: An idea for a book! The first and most obvious step in becoming an e-book author is deciding what to write about. Whether your book is factual or fiction it is a good idea to jot down a brief plan of what you want to include – you can expand on this in many ways and create a web or list of ideas … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs: Online Tutor

How to be an online tutor! For a successful career as an online tutor you will need: A skill that other people want to learn. This could be as simple as speaking English, or as specialist as neurobiology – if you have in-depth knowledge you have the ability to share that knowledge with others as an online tutor. You’ll also need a fast internet connection and a computer with skype capabilities. Training/qualifications In all academic subjects, you’ll need at minimum … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs: Blogger

How to be a blogger! For a successful blogging career you will need: Good writing skills. For a blog to be successful and gain followers, your writing must be informative or entertaining – or ideally both! If you have specialist knowledge and can write with authority on a topic, consider setting up a blog around that subject and posting advice, tips and reviews. As a digital nomad, you may choose to write about your lifestyle and travel adventures. There is … Continue reading

Your Website

Whether you fund your digital nomad lifestyle through freelance graphic design, stock photography or any other online job, you’ll need a website to promote yourself and your talents to potential clients. Whilst you could potentially get away with just having great profiles set up on the freelancing websites such as oDesk (if that’s appropriate for your chosen online profession), it’s still always useful to have a website to increase your online presence. Domain names First of all, you need a … Continue reading

Choosing the perfect bag

Somewhere to keep all your worldly goods! Every traveler needs a decent bag – after all you’re carrying your home on your back! Although what kind of bag you need will depend very much on what kind of digital nomad you are, there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re constantly on the move.If you’re a frequent flyer and happy to travel light, make sure your bag fits within the cabin limits – this is crucially important … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs: Data Entry Clerk

How to be a data entry clerk! For a successful career in data entry you will need: Ideally, good typing skills. Although you will doubtlessly improve as you go, if you can already type quickly and accurately you’ve definitely got a head start. Great attention to detail. If you make mistakes and enter information inaccurately, your reputation will suffer and you’ll struggle to get work. Training/qualifications Not really necessary for data entry work, although obviously a good understanding or Microsoft … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs – Stock Photographer

How to be a stock photographer! For a successful career as a stock photographer you will need: A decent camera – you won’t get far without one! Since all good stock photography websites will have fairly strict quality control, a cheap point and shoot just won’t cut it. You’ll need a  digital SLR. Image editing software. Photoshop is the industry standard but there are free alternatives available, like GIMP and if you’re not ready to splash your cash on … Continue reading

Residual income – the digital nomad dream!

Ah, residual income. The best kind of income! What could be better than traveling the world without having to worry about work, sipping mojitos as the money rolls in. There are a few different approaches to creating residual income, and all of them require a great deal of hard work initially – but if you’re willing to put the hours in to get your great money making scheme set up the rewards can be huge! Let’s look at some of … Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Fast Travel

Fast Travel – Move every few days or weeks! Pros The thrill of the ride! There is nothing more incredible than waking up in a different place every week. Although it can be incredibly tiring, taking some time away from the computer for a whirlwind tour of amazing cultures and exotic locations is exhilarating, challenging and inspiring. Backpacker culture. Being on the road is an amazing way to make friends from all over the world. Nothing brings people together like … Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Slow Travel

Slow Travel – Spend 2 – 6 months (or more!) at a time in each location Pros You’ll probably rent an apartment, which means that you may feel more ‘at home’ whilst you’re there. (Whether this is a good thing or not varies per person!) It’s a lot cheaper! You can negotiate far better discounts on accommodation if you stay for a few weeks or months at a time. Because you’ll get to know the location better, you’ll find cheaper … Continue reading

What Type of Digital Nomad Are You?

To a large degree, your travel style will dictate the kit that you need to pack for your travels. If you’re staying in a luxurious Thai resort hotel for a couple of months, you can probably bring five pairs of shoes and your shiny new macbook without too much trouble – less so if you’re spending six months backpacking through rural India. If you prefer to keep moving, changing locations every few days and using public transport, you’ll want a … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs: Portrait Artist

How to be a portrait artist! For a successful career as a portrait artist you will need: To make a decision. Do you want to be a street based artist or work exclusively online through a website? You could even do both, you just must make sure that if you are going to be a street artist you’re allowed to be there! Check carefully for any trading licenses that may be needed in each destination. An aptitude for drawing/painting is … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs: Freelance Travel Writer

How to be a freelance travel writer! For a successful career in travel writing you will need: Ÿ  A love of travel, obviously! Practice, practice, practice. Whilst not everyone can suddenly jet off abroad to hone their burgeoning skills it is possible to travel locally and write about that (not everyone lives where you do, they may want to visit!) whilst building up a portfolio of online work. An online blog is an ideal way to start and easy to … Continue reading

Digital Nomad Jobs: Freelance Graphic Designer

How to be a freelance graphic designer! For a successful career in graphic design you will need: Ideally, talent! As a graphic designer, your job is to take a clients job brief and develop it into something stylish that suits their needs. You need the ability to understand what the clients themselves may not, and produce high quality pieces of art! Tools of the trade. The usual programmes associated with graphic design are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. These programmes can … Continue reading

A Digital Nomad in the Artificial Savannah

A Digital Nomad in the Artificial Savannah “Folks, it looks like there’s a communications instrument malfunction on the plane. It doesn’t affect the flight of the plane, but it is required to talk to air traffic control. We have to replace the part before we can take off. We apologize for the inconvenience.” A collective groan rises from cabin. Passengers grumble about schedules and missed connections. But nothing will change the fact that this plane is not taking off on … Continue reading

On the Road and On the Web: The Life of a Digital Nomad

No 9-5. No office. The freedom to hit the road whenever the spirit calls. To most people, the life of a digital nomad seems ideal. Nearly everyone yearns for the opportunity to travel, with all its adventure and fulfillment, but many people feel they lack the time and resources to make travel a constant part of their lives. It’s much more common to find people working hard at a typical job – pushing through the daily grind, working for the … Continue reading

Digital Nomadism – a brief intro.

Ever been in a position when you just wanted to tell your boss to shove it up his arse and storm out of the building, never to be seen again? Have you ever dreamed of working while traveling and setting up your office wherever you find yourself?  Have you ever dreamed of becoming a digital nomad? Most people have this misconception that digital nomads are nothing but glorified backpackers. Although a good fraction of digital nomads are, in fact, glorified … Continue reading

Do you really need that stuff?

If you’re at home right now, look around you. Can you pick five of your possessions that really, really make you happy? Things that fill you with glee every time you recall the fact that you own them? No? Me neither. (If you can, good for you! Feel free to keep purchasing stuff and feel your happiness grow.) I believe that stuff is just, well, stuff. It shouldn’t be the most important thing in your life. If you’re working 40+ … Continue reading